Borealis Launches Latest Unique Optical Performance Borpact PP Packaging Materials

Borealis recently introduced the latest Borpact polypropylene product, which combines good low temperature resistance, high stiffness, high heat resistance and excellent optical performance. Borpact BC914TF can be used in food packaging, stand-up pouches, peelable closure films, and bottle label films. With this development, polypropylene can be applied to a number of new market segments, such as labels and modified air packaging (MAP) discs for meat products and fruits.
Borpact BC914TF is an innovative block copolymer for thermoforming, casting, blown film. Through a new combination of various properties, it can provide easy-to-handle, easy-to-use and attractive-looking packaging.
Peter Nieders üβ of Borealis Film Business Development Engineer commented: “Borpact BC914TF combines the properties of block copolymer polypropylene with exceptionally good transparency and optical properties. It will ensure that the manufacturer’s packaging products are aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. Quality appearance quality. Consumers can benefit from the convenience of new packaging types, including easy-open bags that replace canned foods.”

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