How to properly maintain the wooden door

1. When removing the stain on the surface of the wooden door, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. When the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent/toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent to remove the stain and then dry it.
2. Note that cloth that has been immersed in neutral reagents or moisture should not be placed on the surface of the wooden door for a long time, otherwise it will immerse the surface and discolor or peel the surface finish material.
3. Pay attention to the corners of the wooden door, do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the corner paint to fall off.
4. Hinge and lock parts that are frequently active. When the solid wood door in Chongqing is loose, it should be tightened immediately. The sound of the hinge position should be injected in time. When the lock is not flexible, you can add the appropriate amount of pencil core foam to the keyhole. .
5. When the wooden door seal is partially peeled off, it can be ironed by a dry cloth with an iron pad.

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