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Normal > More and more carton orders, not only require the carton to have "bearing bearing" function, but also have "commercial display" and other composite functions. After numerous high-end carton packaging, many of the goods are delivered directly to the mall's sales rack. Most of China's medium-to-high-end corrugated cartons are still made from sheet-fed offset printing and re-compositing. These two methods can obtain a more satisfactory printing surface, but they have factors that need to be overcome, such as high cost, difficult to control waste product rate, and complicated processes. If the carton factory can carry out precise ink-jet printing (precision print) directly on the corrugated paper, it will form a lower-cost, high-quality carton printing solution. In fact, up to 85% of Europe's high-quality carton boxes are printed directly on corrugated paper by ink and water, and precision and efficient automatic printing machines are generally used to produce high-grade flexo-printed corrugated cartons.

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Normal > This kind of corrugated flexo direct printing technology applied on the fully automatic printing press can bring the following major advantages to the carton factory, forming the core competitiveness that the modern carton factory must have.

Normal > Precise and consistent print quality

Normal > The stability of the transport of corrugated paper in printing is extremely difficult to control relative to web or individual sheets. Therefore, ordinary corrugated paper printers cannot guarantee enough multi-color overprint accuracy and can only print relatively simple patterns. Many carton manufacturers have to use the "offset re-swab" or "pre-printing and re-covering" method because they cannot find really high-precision carton printers, and they can obtain better printing quality with relatively higher production costs.

Normal > Fully automatic corrugated paper printing machine adopting the classic mechanical design process and mechanical standard than the offset printing method to compensate for the errors that may occur in the huge printing process of corrugated cardboard itself, forming the world's most precise corrugated paper printing Machines, such as Diniton's commonly used "Blue Wizard" eight-color integrated overprint accuracy of ± 0.15mm . Such high-precision overprinting has fundamentally solved the “overprinting problem ” that carton plants have always faced. This type of overprint accuracy is automatically guaranteed by Diniton's mechanical structure itself. It is a "fool-type" operation mode. The user does not need to perform complex mechanical parameter adjustment. Conversely speaking, in such a high-quality production machinery It is difficult for users to produce "unsettled" cartons.

Normal > Another important factor affecting the quality of carton printing is the control of printing pressure. Different from other printing methods, flexographic printing transfers ink to the cardboard by flexible dots. During the high-speed transfer of paperboard, it is necessary to maintain the relative stability of the paperboard, so that the fine dots fit the rough surface of the corrugated paper with the best pressure, so that the smallest dot diffusion is achieved and the fine pattern is truly restored. The sophisticated pressure control system allows the flexo dot to touch the corrugated surface in the most gentle way, as if printing on the air, making the dots clear, realistic and almost indistinguishable from the offset, and no less pre-printed. Precise pressure control not only achieves "best print definition" but also "maximally protects the corrugation strength" and "improves the printing plate's resistance to printing."

Normal > Its precise mechanical properties, can be widely used for printing 50 lines / inch to 150 lines / inch plate, covering the full line requirements of the current carton market. With its precise features, users can boldly develop all kinds of medium-to-high-end carton products, and even carry out some carton printing with anti-counterfeiting features to meet the ever-changing packaging needs, and always occupy the more profitable high-end market.

Normal > The precise overprint required by the carton factory is not like a "wonderful lottery ticket". It only needs to start from one minute per second until it can maintain this precise overprint ability for a considerable number of years. In order to produce a consistent, continuous stream of precision printing quality. It is relatively easy for a machine to provide a high overlay accuracy when brand new. However, it is very difficult for machinery to provide high-precision printing performance for several decades. For example , the Holland factory of the Smurfit carton group used a 15-year-old printing press for high-grade meat products to sell cartons in 2002, and still won the first place in the World Flexo Competition. According to the Smurfit Group, this machine, which has been used for 15 years, has an average output of 17% higher than the other machines in the group, in addition to unparalleled printing quality. It is a "precise, fast, longevity" machine. Dineton 's machinery produced in 1924 is still working.

Normal > Powerful and flexible order receiving ability (Adapt to large, medium and small orders), large output, fast speed

Normal > In addition to individual cartons that have long-lasting stable orders, most carton manufacturers want to be able to accept all types of orders as long as they have reasonable profits. However, not all printing methods can flexibly accept various types of orders. For example, the " pre-printing complex surface" method is mainly suitable for large-volume orders, usually "print volume" must reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of cardboard boxes to achieve "break-even point", for small and medium orders are powerless. Another example is the “Offset Pit” market in China, although the market is still vast, but with the improvement of environmental protection regulations, this approach is increasingly unsuitable for numerous food packaging, children's products packaging, sanitary packaging, and strict environmental protection requirements Commodity packaging and so on.

Normal > Precise post-printing can be limited by similar factors. From the aspect of the quantity of orders, the post-print method has a great tolerance for the minimum amount of orders. As large as tens of millions of batches, orders as small as hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands, thousands, or hundreds, can be produced at a lower cost. Ink printing

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