The 2015 Wenzhou First Shoes Fair ended on the afternoon of the 20th

The Wenzhou First Shoes Expo 2015 ended on the afternoon of the 20th: 2015-08-21 00:15

The Wenzhou First Shoes Fair, jointly organized by the City Leather Industry Association, Wenzhou International Taobao City, and China Shoes Capital City, has attracted over 8,000 footwear agents across the country to purchase.

There will be more than 500 shoe companies and e-commerce exhibitors at this year's Shoe Fair. Apart from well-known local companies in Wenzhou, there are also related companies from Fujian and Chengdu. Mao Qingyun, chairman of Wenzhou International Taobao City and chairman of China Shoes Capital Xiecheng, said that in this era of Internet+, shoe companies need to have a sales platform of their own in this tide of transformation and upgrading and e-commerce exchanges. Wenzhou International Taobao City and China Shoes City Shoes City seized the opportunity to establish a footwear supply chain integrated procurement center and set up a global space for designers to create a new platform for building O2O online and offline complexes.

This afternoon, the first Shoe Fair will be concluded. The organizers will also start holding orders for winter boots supplemental editions, footwear resources integration summit forums, and spring and summer new product launches. Industry sources said that relying on Wenzhou International Taobao City, China Shoes City Shuangcheng Twin Shoes City, as well as the Shuangcheng to create the Wenzhou Shoe Fair and other platforms, will realize the integration of the shoe industry resources, large-scale talent gathering, industrial alliance, Baotuan University Development, Wenzhou shoe marketing has been equipped with high-power engines.

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