Agricultural articles for the application of machine vision products

The rapid development of the automation industry has driven the application of machine vision products in various industries; agriculture is the foundation of China's survival. How to improve agricultural production efficiency and production quality has always been a top priority for national leaders. Machine vision The production of products and their application in agricultural production have largely solved this problem.
The applications of machine vision products in agricultural production are:
1. The application of non-destructive detection of melon and fruit quality; through the image acquisition card, the shape and color of melon and fruit are collected, and the collection results are transmitted to the analysis and processing system, and the melon and fruit are judged as lossy products according to the processing results.
2. Application of flue-cured tobacco leaf quality detection; color analysis of a large number of tobacco leaf samples can obtain the distribution of color feature values ​​of various samples, using contour tracking algorithm to extract the overall image outline of tobacco leaves, using chain code representation Describe it. Finally, the leaf structure and identity features are comprehensively extracted and described through the light transmission characteristics of tobacco leaves.
3. Application in grain identification and classification; identification and classification of rice, wheat, corn and other grains, such as identification and classification based on stress cracks, morphology, color characteristics after dyeing, etc., using neural networks, high-speed filtering, etc. .
4. Ex-factory quality testing of agricultural and sideline products, such as packaging, defects, ex-factory packaging of meat, various agricultural and sideline products, vegetables, fruits and melon products, quality inspection, etc.
5. Application in agricultural machinery; agricultural product sorting machinery is the earliest and most applied aspect of machine vision technology in agricultural machinery, mainly using this technology for non-destructive testing, that is, using some basic physics reflected on the surface of agricultural products Characteristics The quality evaluation and grading of products according to the set standards. It is mainly used for automatic quality detection and feedback control during the processing of agricultural products.
6. The application of machine vision technology in the automation of agricultural production; during the growth of animals and plants, according to the precise and automatic monitoring of their growth, it can effectively control the growth environment of animals and plants to meet the needs of animal and plant production .
There are many applications of machine vision in agriculture. Because China is a country with a large population, based on agriculture, many experts are committed to research in agricultural production. The application of machine vision in agricultural machinery has made great progress; in China , And is well-known for the machine vision products produced by Shaanxi Weishi Digital Image Technology Co., Ltd., which has a leading level in visual inspection, measurement, image recognition, visual positioning, etc. The products produced include image capture cards and streaming media capture cards VGA capture cards and others have achieved good results in agricultural testing and are highly favored by users.

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