Questions and answers about green ink standards

What is the hottest product in the ink market today? There is no doubt that it is green ink. In major advertising leaflets, related ink manufacturers, without exception, hold high the banner of environmental protection. But what are the criteria for judging green ink? Before the relevant standards have been promulgated by the state, people have no way to define them.

User: No standard embarrassment

The green ink market is more confusing, and consumers are also confused when buying environmentally friendly inks, because this concept is still quite vague and loose in the Chinese market. What is green ink? What are the production and evaluation standards? What should be the displacement of voc? There is currently no standard answer.

How to treat the green ink on the market today?

From a geographical perspective. Because different countries and regions require different standards, such as Europe, the standards are stricter than domestic ones. I think that in China at present, green ink in the true sense is used more in packaging and printing, but it has not reached this level in the printing of books, newspapers and periodicals, and the relevant regulations are also blank in this regard. When many manufacturers sell inks now, they say that their products are environmentally friendly inks, which are certified by the national environmental protection department, but I think there are still major differences between domestic certification standards and those in Europe and America. It can be said that the country has not yet Invest too much attention.

What are the judgment criteria when buying green ink?

Environmentally friendly ink is uv ink, because its composition is different, and it is more expensive. It is mostly used in packaging, and it is used less in commercial printing. I believe that many printing companies' understanding of environmentally friendly ink also stays here. At present, no matter whether it is a manufacturer or a user, there is not too much effort in environmental protection. One reason is that the country does not have a mandatory and guiding policy, and has not yet realized the harm caused by ink to people ’s health and the environment, so no standards have been issued. Without standards, this industry cannot be guided in the right direction. Second, the national economic development level and the overall level of the printing industry have not reached the corresponding level. In this case, regarding the relationship between man-made environmental pollution and social development, The emphasis is still on development, and the pollution problem can only be solved gradually during development.

What is the amount of green ink used by printing companies every year?

The price of environmentally friendly inks is much higher than that of ordinary inks. From the user's point of view, using high-priced inks, customers do not give me high prices. Why should I buy environmentally friendly inks? Therefore, the only environmentally friendly ink that can be used in commercial printing is UV ink, but the amount is relatively small. In the packaging and decoration industry, because of the large amount of packaging and printing, and certain requirements for environmental protection, the amount and opportunities of using green ink are relatively large. In addition, the use of green ink has special requirements on equipment, accessories, consumables, etc. For example, the rubber roller must be specially made or dual-use. These accessories are relatively expensive, which will increase the cost of the enterprise. [next]

Do users lack the right to know when buying green ink?

Because the current green inks—gravure water-based inks and uv inks, are rarely used in the books, newspapers, and periodicals industry. A large number of books, newspapers, and periodicals inks are not environmentally friendly inks. The small amount determines that environmentally friendly inks cannot be valued.

Enterprises: Compulsory standards are required

Today, due to the toxic organic solvents in food packaging, the accidents that penetrate into food frequently occur, and printing consumables such as ink have become the culprit.

What are the reasons why China's green ink has not been popularized?

Perhaps the manufacturer can achieve that the product does not contain voc, but when the user prints, it is still difficult for the water-based ink to completely achieve "water-based printing". At this time, it is possible to add ingredients such as alcohol to the ink. For example, when drying after printing, the volatility of the products printed with water-based ink is not fast. If alcohol and other substances are added, the drying speed can be increased. In countries and regions where the printing industry is more developed, such as the United States, the equipment is advanced, the drying system is good, and the quality of printing raw materials is good. It is very suitable for the printing of water-based inks, but the relative cost is also high. And our country has not yet reached this level.

How to overcome production without standards?

At present, the content of domestic water-based ink voc is already very small, probably within 5%. In view of the current situation without standards, manufacturers have adopted a "compromise" approach, on the one hand referring to national standards, on the other hand, according to the needs of enterprises, and made corresponding adjustments. There is still a phenomenon of fish and dragon mixing in the environmental protection ink market. There is no limit to the content of voc. At present, it is still determined by the company itself. When we produce, we try to minimize voc. [next]

What is the reason why the country has not yet issued a green ink standard?

Whether or not green ink should be introduced depends mainly on whether our customers have requirements in this respect. If customers do not require it, it is useless. This is very relevant to the domestic situation. Many printing plants now have no demand for environmental protection. Our company has its own standards, but it is not mandatory, and customers rarely use it when testing. Manufacturers are welcome to introduce such a standard, which can eliminate the current situation in the market. In the current situation, we recommend that customers choose green ink products produced by large enterprises, because of its relatively high technical content and quality assurance.

Expert: Break through the standard triple door

The formulation of standards is first reflected in technology. It should break through the triple doors of technology, lead, and environmental awareness, and should be a path for coordinated development of the three.

About the detection of green ink

At present, some exported inks, especially in Europe, require ink manufacturers to provide test reports such as the sony green partner system test. After passing the test, European countries only import Chinese ink products. Although there are no standards, there are already some certification agencies, and now there are testing agencies in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and Tianjin has a national printing and decoration product quality supervision and inspection center, which can test the toxicity of water-based inks and offset inks. All exported products All have to go here for inspection. Although not mandatory, but with this test report, users will recognize. It is understood that Tianjin Toyo has passed the test of the sony green partner system. [next]

Standard walking path

The continuous packaging problems, ink can not escape the blame, awakened the industry, and promoted the ink industry to green transformation.

Someone said that every war has promoted the progress of social civilization. As a result of the pollution problems caused by inks, assortment of commodities has also accelerated its transition to the next stage-"green ink". While we are pleased that ink manufacturers are actively transitioning to "green", we are also full of expectations for the introduction of green ink standards.

However, relying solely on user requirements and manufacturers' appeals cannot shoulder the heavy responsibility of standard setting. Only by combining the power of the government, enterprises and society, extend the responsibility of the producers, and give full play to the power of the government, can we create a perfect standard.

During the interview, the interviewees agreed that the standard setting trajectory should be: social appeal-the attention of relevant national functional departments-put forward the establishment of restrictive standards-the establishment of institutions with mandatory supervision and inspection rights-ink suppliers in accordance with Standard production and subject to testing.

But what we have to face is that in such a seemingly simple formulation process, whether it is users, manufacturers, or related departments, all are absent. Relevant government departments have not yet realized the urgency of ink greening. Even if the company keeps calling, no one is willing to act as a pioneer in setting standards.

The industry must develop, and it must be sustainable. Multiple mandatory and multiple standards for green ink have contributed to the long-term stability of this industry. The introduction of standards is still a long way to go.

Road to foreign standards

In the United States and Germany, the formulation of green ink is led by the relevant ink associations and directly by the president of the association. It is formulated in cooperation with the largest and best domestic companies. The production specifications and cutting-edge products of these enterprises represent the most advanced Production level and management concept.

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