Backpacker Academy: Top 10 Security Tips to Remember When Alone on the Road

Being in a different place, there are many traps and organs. The experience of many years has experienced a deeper understanding of the benefits of the old saying, “The heart of the harm can not be prevented, and the heart of the person can not be avoided”.

1, as long as you ask people, do not ask you. For example, if you are renting a car, you don't want to ask people to rent a car. Instead, you choose your car and driver. This will have a higher safety factor and it will be easier to bargain.

2, the destination should not just tell strangers, do not casually say that he is alone.

3. When encountering a group of strangers, if there are women among them, it is generally safer.

4, always pay attention to the sound of others outside the string.

5, it is best not to reach the destination at night, if it is really late, would rather stay at the train station.

6, chartered car must sign the contract, and the car models do not pay all, how to set aside 30%.

7, do not expect to go back.

8, do not arbitrarily give tips, this will not only erode the market, but also allows drivers to breed a bad intention.

9. When you are in danger or dangerous, you must calm down and have determination to overcome difficulties.

10. Whether the information is correct or not is very important for the success of the journey, so be sure to collect comprehensive information before you set off. If possible, try to reach out to local friends or people you’ve just visited during the trip. Mobile or SMS contact.