Sales package labeling and instructions

In the sales package, there are usually decorated pictures and text descriptions, and some also have a bar code symbol, in the design and production of sales packaging, should do a good job in these areas.

(1) Packaging decoration screen Sales packaging decoration screen should be elegant. It is full of artistic attraction and highlights the characteristics of the product. The patterns and colors should be adapted to the national customs and hobbies of the country concerned. When designing decorating, you should vote for it to facilitate the expansion of exports.

(2) Text description The sales package should have necessary text descriptions, such as trademarks, brands, product names, origins, quantities, specifications, ingredients, uses, and methods of use. The text descriptions should be closely combined with the decorating pictures and set off against each other. In order to achieve the purpose of promotion and promotion, the words used must be concise and clear to the customers of the sales market. If necessary, Chinese and foreign languages ​​can be used simultaneously.
When using text descriptions or labeling on sales packaging, attention should also be given to regulations governing labeling conditions in the countries concerned.

(3) Barcode The bar code on the product package consists of the upper set of parallel strips with black and white and different thickness intervals. This is a special code language that uses photoelectric scanning reading equipment to input data for computers. At present, many countries in the world use barcodes on commodity packages. Just align the barcode with the photoelectric scanner. The computer can automatically recognize the barcode by simply pointing the barcode at the photoelectric scanner. The computer can automatically identify the bar code information, determine the product name, product type, quantity, production date, manufacturer, place of production, etc., and query the unit price in the database, perform the payment calculation, and make a purchase list, which effectively improves The efficiency and accuracy of settlement, also the customer. At present, supermarkets in many countries use bar code technology for automatic scanning and settlement. For example, if there is no bar code on the packaging of goods, even famous products cannot enter supermarkets and can only be used as low-grade goods to enter cheap stores. Plus. Some countries do not import barcode labels on certain goods, that is, they are not imported. For this reason, they are sold in China. The promotion of the use of bar code marks on packaging is indeed an urgent task. In order to meet the needs of the international market and expand exports, in December 1988, China established the “China Special Product Code Center” responsible for promoting the bar code technology and its unified management. 1994 4 In July, China formally joined the International Association of Article Numbers. The country number assigned to China is "690". All those with the "690" bar code indicate that it is a Chinese-made product. With the development of the socialist market economy in China, Further reforms and opening up, the use of bar code products, especially export goods, should strive to print bar codes on the packaging of goods.

Source: PACK.CN