Packaging Design Features

(1) Protection function (silent guardian): The most basic function of packaging. To protect the packaging of goods, we cannot simply understand that this is a shell that prevents external forces from invading. In fact, the significance of protecting goods is multiple:

a. Packaging should not only prevent physical damage to the product such as shock, vibration, pressure, etc., but also include various chemical and other forms of damage. For example, the dark color of a beer bottle protects the beer from exposure to light and does not deteriorate. There are also a variety of composite film packaging can play a role in several aspects such as moisture, light radiation.
b. Also, packaging must not only prevent damage from the outside to the inside, but also prevent damage from the inside out. If the packaging of chemicals leaks if it does not meet the requirements, it will cause damage to the environment. c. The protection of the product for packaging is still a matter of time. Some packages need to provide protection that will remain unchanged for a long time or even decades, such as red wine. Some packages can be designed and manufactured in a simple way and can be easily destroyed.

(2) Convenient function (silent assistant): Easy to transport and load, easy to store and store, easy to carry and use, easy to recycle and disposal. (Specifications, dimensions, forms, weights, and packaging processes, materials, structures, opening methods, etc.)

a. Time Convenience: Scientific packaging can save valuable time for people's activities, such as fast food and easy-open packaging.
b. Space Convenience: The space-saving convenience of packaging is essential for reducing circulation costs. Especially for supermarkets with a wide variety of goods and quick turnover, the utilization of shelves is highly valued, and the space convenience of packaging is more emphasized. Specifications standardized packaging, hanging packaging, demolition and packaging of large-scale combined products, these types of packaging can be more reasonable use of logistics space.
c. Effort and convenience: In accordance with the principles of ergonomics and rational packaging designed with practical experience, it can save people's physical exertion and make people feel a sense of pleasure in modern life.

(3) Promotion function (silent salesman): This is one of the most important functions of packaging design. In the supermarket, standardized production products are gathered on the shelves, and the products of different manufacturers only show their own characteristics according to the packaging of the products. These packaging are all in fine art styles, eye-catching trademarks, decent words, and bright colors. promote yourself.

The promotion function is based on aesthetics. Modern packaging requires the connotation of "beautification". The image of packaging not only reflects the nature and operating characteristics of the production enterprise, but also reflects the inherent quality of the product, can reflect the aesthetic appeal of different consumers, and satisfy their psychological and physiological needs.

Source: Design House