Ecological style of packaging design and development (I)

[Abstract] With the rapid development of the global economy, while human beings consume natural resources and manufacture a large number of products, they are continuously exacerbating the deterioration of the ecological environment. Human beings are destroying their own homes with their own “smartness and wisdom”, bringing with them years after year. Continuous disaster. The problems faced by human beings have aroused great concern in many countries in the world. The wave of ecological design with the goal of protecting ecological resources and protecting human health is rising globally. Driven by this ecological tide, the development and design of ecological packaging products has become one of the focuses of global designers.

[Key words] Recycling of resources and recycling of packaging resources Design and style of packaging eco-design

In the new century, with the rapid development of the global economy, human beings are consuming natural resources and manufacturing a large number of products. At the same time, they are constantly exacerbating the deterioration of the ecological environment. The earth has become increasingly warm, the atmosphere is seriously polluted, the water and soil have been extensively lost, and the cultivated land has become rapid. Sandification and so on. We human beings are using their own "intelligence and intelligence" to speed up the destruction of their own homes. Nature continues to provide humanity with abundant resources, but it also brings continuous disasters for years. The above-mentioned issues faced by the Earth’s people have aroused the attention of all countries in the world. The wave of ecological design with the goal of protecting ecological resources and protecting human health is rising globally. Driven by this wave of ecological design, the development and art design of ecological packaging products are becoming one of the focuses of global designers.

one. Ecological resources recycling and packaging resources cycle design

In the era of high-speed development of information today, human beings live in a material world. Restoring the balance with nature means finding a new way to provide the thousands of tons of colored materials needed by industrial civilization. Nowadays, humanity has cut a large number of forests, tearing the surface of the earth to obtain a large amount of raw materials, leaving behind us naked and ridiculous scenery and toxic waste heaps. To solve these problems, the fundamental solution is to integrate them into the recycling of materials because garbage itself is only a "misplaced resource." If handled properly, it can be a huge social asset.

1. Recycling of ecological resources

The recycling of ecological resources is divided into material recovery and energy recovery. Material recovery can be divided into two categories: one is an open system in which the recycling process is open to the entire society; the other is a closed system limited to one enterprise product;

According to figures released by the relevant departments, the total amount of garbage in the country each year is about 500 million tons, worth 25 billion yuan, of which 32% is biological waste, 18% is plastic waste, 8% is paper waste, 4% is textile, and 3% is Metals, 1.5% of glass products, and these 2/3 of the amount of garbage can be recycled. One ton of waste paper can make 800 kg of paper; one ton of waste plastic can smelt 700 kg of gasoline; recyclable cans and glass bottles can save more than 90% of material cost; disposable chopsticks can be used for papermaking; biological waste can be made into high-quality fertilizer; Unrecoverable paper scraps, cloths, etc. can still be burned to generate electricity.

Germany is a very good country in terms of environmental protection. The environmental protection work goes deep into each family. They have unique waste management regulations: The bins of white, green and brown colored glass bottles are distributed from public places to residential buildings. There are yellow color containers for decorating scraps nearby; special bins for sorting waste bins from the street, to different parts of waste electrical appliances... (Figure 1). According to the staff of a German environmental protection agency, although the idea of ​​German household waste sorting had existed 20 years ago, it was only 10 years ago that it really started. In the past 10 years, from the government to non-governmental organizations, from large companies to schools, people have taken many effective and practical measures (such as free production and supply of garbage bags) and finally achieved today's results. The German Waste Act stipulates that anything that can be used must not be made waste. The unavoidable waste must be used to return it to the economic cycle; the “recycling plan” proved to be effective in Europe and North America, and the household waste in Europe and America has been reduced by more than 50% in ten years. Some cities target 90%.

The World Corporate Sustainable Development Committee is made up of 130 large companies from various countries. They are a multinational organization established to seek effective models for sustainable development. They aim to achieve the harmonious development of population, social needs and environment. For example, the world-famous DuPont company's approach in this regard is to use less raw materials to meet the needs of more people, and to use raw materials effectively for specific customer requirements, thus reducing waste. They changed the raw materials from sale to rent because customers only used some of the raw materials, and most of them were not used in production. They took away these unusable materials; Mr. He Lide, president of DuPont, often said: In the continuous discharge of waste in production, to think about what is valuable in the waste material available. If you are conscious of pursuing the sustainable development of the resource cycle, you will be surprised to find many good ways to minimize the “environmental imprinting” of production in the pursuit of sustainable development of resource cycles. This is a simple idea, but once we follow this line of thinking, there will be many improvements. We have no specific goals, but it is estimated that this indicator can be quadrupled after 10 years.
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