Corrugated box compressive strength - control

Corrugated cardboard box compressive strength control

The key to controlling the compressive strength of the carton lies in the quality management of the system. Careful study and strict control are required for all aspects of the pressure-resisting problem. First of all, to understand the environment in which the carton is used and to use the standard higher than the customer's requirements as its own internal control standard, this will leave room to solve the problem when there is a problem of compressive strength. Secondly, according to the internal control standards, select the appropriate type and production process, and draw up inspection standards for raw materials. Finally, according to internal control standards, raw materials and various production processes are strictly controlled, and records of relevant data are made to ensure traceability of product quality so that problems can be solved in a timely manner, and such problems can be prevented from happening again.

About the Author

Anti Yingjie, from Dingzhou, Hebei, graduated from the Art Department of Baoding Teachers College in 1997. In April 2001, he began working at Baoding Yuejin Carton Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in carton processing and quality control. During her work, she carried out in-depth research on the dimensions, box type, and production process of the carton, and made improvements in the company's internal processes several times, which was confirmed by the company.

In early 2003, she began research on compressive strength. In the one-year period, it successively verified the theory of resistance to foreign pressure, and after more than two months of calculations, it finally came up with a set of corrugated carton pressure-resistance calculation formula, that is, the calculation formula for the resistance to compression of corrugated boxes. .

Author's Statement: Birth of Compressive Formulas

In early June 2003, I was transferred to the Quality Control Department and was responsible for overall quality management. I remember that on the second day of my inauguration, I was forced to retreat four vehicles because of quality problems. At that time, I was paralyzed. It was too difficult to find a company leader to resign. At this time, Zhai always said to me: "If it is not difficult, we will not allow you to do the job." One word awakened me, and I was determined to find out why the compressive strength was not enough.

In the days that followed, I almost searched through all the returns and related records, and often worked overtime at night until late at night. One week later, I finally found out the causes of the pressure quality problems. Later, I told others about the anti-stress theory I learned. However, because most of these theories are foreign, they are cumbersome and difficult to understand, so it is difficult for people to accept them. So I decided again: I must have my own theory of resistance to China's national conditions. In the second half of 2003, after more than two months of measurement and verification, I obtained the current formula for calculating the resistance to compression. Because this set of formulas is simple and effective, it is quickly recognized by the company.

This formula includes three parts of corrugated cardboard boxes and five layers of corrugated cardboard boxes, a total of nine formulas. Because each carton company will not be involved in all types of cassettes, it is only necessary to select some of the formulas.

----- Baoding Yuejin Carton Co., Ltd. Against Yingjie

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