In the summer, I changed my makeup for myself.

Summer is coming, the weather is hot, and the makeup can't be the same as before. Then, change the style of your makeup. Here are some good-looking and practical summer makeup .

Misty smoky makeup

Misty smoky makeup

1. Brush the entire eye socket with a light gold eye shadow.

2. Then use a brown brush to brush one-half of the eyelids, brush from the center to the back, and then brush again from the eye.

3. Then choose the popular brown and green brush for autumn and winter on the bottom of the upper eyelid, then brush the lower eyelids and brush from the back to the front.

4. Use dark gray black to color the eyes and increase the smoke effect.

5. Use the snow gold to brighten the part of the eye, and the lower eyelid to push it away from the back with dark gray black, so that the eye-smoke smoked into a "C" shape, echoing up and down. The secret is to gradually deepen the end of the eye, and the blooming effect is even better!

6. Select the repairing cake, and brush it from the temple at a 45-degree angle. The effect of the small face is set, and the underside of the eye bag should be kept as clean as possible.

7. Lip color can be selected in a softer color.

Light smoky makeup

Before you start painting smoke, be sure to pay attention to the overall makeup clean and fresh, first use the perfect foundation cream to make a base, and then use the light foundation to produce light-reflecting particles on the face.

1. First hit the brow bone in silver white, set off the stereo eyebrow.

2. Choose a light brown brush to fill the eye socket, compared with the previous step to produce a warm and warm color.

3. Brush the upper eyelid with a silvery gray, then use the fingertip temperature to open the color and make the blooming effect even better.

4. Paint with a black eyeliner, which can be slightly thicker.

5. Change the contour of the eyelids under the brown brush and wipe off the excess powder with a large sponge.

6. Strengthen the end of the eye with brownish green and lift it up. After the eyelash curler is lifted, the roots are clearly brushed out, about 7 to 8 times.

7. The lips are designed to be transparent and moisturized. First, the lip balm is made light by the base lip balm, and the lips are pearlescent, and the transparent lip honey is rich in the lips.

8. Use the new color to repair the volume, the new brush method is to brush around the face, so that the T-shaped part is more three-dimensional.

Daily practical makeup

1. Apply a wide range of light-colored eyeshadow to the eyelids. The first step is to apply eye shadow first, and then gradually make the gradient from the eyelashes.

2. Repeat the dark eye shadow on the eyelids, but the range of dark eyeshadow should be reduced, so that the eyebrows and eyelashes can be 1/2, and there should be a gradient.

3. Then apply the eyeliner, it is better to be thicker to show the strength of the eye makeup.

4. The eyelashes should be thick and curled.

5. Turn on a faint blush.

6. Plus light lipstick or lip gloss.

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