Japan develops new technology for nylon nanocomposites

Japan's Ube Kogyo (UBE) Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation have recently developed a new technology for nylon nanocomposites (NCH). UBE is Japan's first nylon nanocomposite producer.

This technology allows nano-scale inorganic compounds (montmorillonite) to be dispersed in nylon resins. The new NCH materials produced have the following advantages: A small amount of inorganic fillers can greatly improve the mechanical properties of materials and are applicable to various products; barriers to oxygen and moisture It is 1 times stronger than nylon; it has high barrier property to automotive fuel and can be used as a barrier layer for fuel pipes. UBE has now started production of two new NCH brands: 1015C1 and 1015C2. (Wei Jia)

Source: China Chemical News

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