Printing machine ink feeding mechanism

4. Title of Invention: Patent Application No. 4
Abstract: The utility model relates to an ink supply mechanism applied to a color printing machine, and in particular relates to an improvement of an ink roller ink feeding mechanism composed of an ink uploading, ink stringing, ink inking, inking and the like of an aluminum tube color printing machine. A radial groove is formed on the roller body, and an isolation block corresponding to the inner cavity of the ink fountain is added. The bottom of the isolation block is fixedly connected with the contact surface of the steel plate at the bottom of the ink fountain. The position of the groove should correspond to the position of the isolation block. Cui roller is Chuan Cui roller, string ink roller, even roller, reliance roller. The utility model does not add new equipment, uses the original equipment to make a small amount of improvement on one set of ink rollers, and two sets of ink roller prints are used to increase the number of print colors. Through the above improvements, it takes very little money and does not change the original structure. It breaks the conventional practice that a group of ink rollers can only print one color, achieves multi-color printing on one roller, and the printing quality meets the standards, thus expanding the use of printing machines. Scope to meet market demand.

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