Natel's "non-changeable" wardrobe is the preferred choice for small and medium-sized storage

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of the quality of life in modern society, our requirements for the space utilization rate of wardrobes are getting higher and higher. It takes a lot of effort to choose a set of good quality and good wardrobes. Today, let's take a look at the Knightley furniture, a wardrobe that can't be changed.

Natel's "not changeable" wardrobe

Natel "non-change" wardrobe evaluation

Natel's "non-changeable" wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand
Knight's Wardrobe
Evaluation product
"Non-change" wardrobe
Main substrate
Jilin Forest Industry "Lushuihe" plate or "Odson" plate
Evaluation project
Appearance, material, detail, practical performance

Knight's Wardrobe


Wardrobe evaluation

Walnut wardrobes with a regular size of 1.8*2.3*0.6 meters are designed with metal edging and can be either open or sliding. Customers can freely choose the size according to the size of their home. The internal layout can be adjusted according to your own actual needs, diversified, and truly DIY your own furniture and space.

[product material articles]:

Natel's "not changeable" wardrobe

The plates of the Knightl furniture are divided into domestic and imported. Imported plates are imported from Europe, "Ordson" plates, and domestic plates are for Jilin Sengong "Lushuihe" plates. The picture shows the plate certificate display.

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