Smart bathroom Anhua smart toilet product shopping guide

With the continuous development of science and technology, sanitary products are also becoming more intelligent. More and more intelligent sanitary products are appearing in front of us. How should we choose? It has become a problem. Today we will solve this problem. Let's take a look at the product introduction of Anwar Intelligent Toilet .

Anwar Smart Toilet Product Recommendation One

Name: Anhua sanitary ware aB1380 smart toilet

Model: aB1380

Color Category: White

Pit distance: 300mm pit distance 400mm pit distance

Toilet flushing volume: 3 / 6L

Toilet flushing method: siphon type

Toilet drainage method: floor drainage

Minimum pit distance: 350MM

Whether it contains remote control:

Whether the cover is buffered: buffer

Size: 797 * 418 * 524mm

Advanced function: Wash the buttocks, wash the female seats, heat the water temperature, adjust the water pressure, adjust the warm air, dry the nozzle, self-cleaning, automatic deodorization, remote control function, nozzle mobile cleaning, MP3 player, hot type

The aB1380 smart toilet is an Anwar Sanitary AA dual-grade product. It adopts a double S-bend double siphon sewer design, which has more powerful impulse and more water-saving. ABS flush button, water saving is more durable.

Anwar Smart Toilet Product Recommendation 2

Product name: Anhua sanitary ware aB1327 toilet

Model: aB1327

Color Category: White

Specification: 745 * 515 * 665mm

Pit distance: 300mm pit distance 400mm pit distance

Adopt 3/6 liters double gear water-saving design, which can meet different water demand and achieve good water-saving effect.

Toilet flushing method: siphon type. The 2-inch super large sewage pipe undoubtedly makes the toilet's sewage performance better. The inner wall of the pipeline is fully glazed, which also makes it difficult for the backwater bends to be dirty and clogged, and the drainage effect is better.

The material selected is urea-formaldehyde. Compared with other materials, the appearance of the urea-formaldehyde cover is closest to the appearance and texture of the glaze. It will not yellow and discolor after a long time of use. The quality is also very strong.

The aB1327 toilet is an AA double premium product of Anwar Sanitary Ware. It is an all-inclusive one-piece design with a simple and round shape and is suitable for a variety of decoration styles. The small hole at the lower edge of the lip surface of the toilet bowl sprays water at an oblique angle of 45 °, which can effectively wash the pool surface. Anhua aB1327 toilet has a wide specification and can be used comfortably by users with fat body. In addition, the three-layer glaze technology, damping slow-down design and 3 / 6L water-saving design of this toilet all demonstrate the quality of the details of this product. .

Anwar smart toilet product recommendation three

Product name: Anhua ab1378 toilet

Specifications: length 700 * width 375 * height 785

Flushing method: double jet siphon

Appearance: elegant and feminine, Xiaojia Jasper design style

Glazed surface: high temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze, pure antibacterial, not easy to hang dirt, easy to clean, as long as new, high temperature silver ions are added to the glazed surface, which destroys the cell wall tissue of bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of bacteriostasis and antibacterial.

Ab1378 toilets follow the elegant and feminine style of the series products in appearance design, and the small and exquisite feel quite like Xiaojiabiyu. High-temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze, pure antibacterial, greatly reduce the use of water and cleaning products; double jet siphon flushing, increase flushing strength and reduce water consumption; ABS engineering plastic with damping device buffers no noise, low noise and long life long. Overall, the Anwar Ab1378 toilet is a stylish and environmentally friendly toilet, which is in line with modern people's concept of green environmental protection. Automatic glaze cleaning saves time and effort, and is a good helper to deal with busy life.

The above is the entire content of Anwar smart toilet products. I hope it will be helpful for your purchase. More exciting content will be uploaded later, so stay tuned.

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