Other people's wardrobe foreign paint board wardrobe renderings

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Painted wardrobe is a fashion style that is fashionable nowadays. It is wearable and dirty, and the color is bright. It is definitely the most beautiful scenery in the bedroom, but some people think it is very monotonous. Foreign designers have designed a series of such The paint closet is not only different in color, different in material, but also different in function. It is truly practical and decorative.

Modern minimalist wardrobe

Doc Mobili's Fusion is an eight-door wall cabinet. The side panels are 5 cm and 7 cm thick at each end, and the handle is inlaid with teak and a bright, cream-painted cabinet door. A wide range of internal accessories, in addition to the standard accessories sold on the market, can also choose aluminum alloy, glass and plexiglass.

The cabinet has a total of nine different widths (cm 44, 55, 75, 90, 112, 148, 183) and three different heights (cm 230, 262, 294), as well as 14 different corner cabinets. Available to choose from, the Fusion wardrobe can be combined in many different ways.

Foreign wardrobe design

Fusion wardrobe, orange glass door with brown beech border.

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