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Title of the Invention: All-in-One Paper Cutter Patent Application Number: 0325611 9.9
Abstract: The utility model discloses an integrated machine paper cutting, which relates to a speed printing machine wax paper cutting mechanism. It includes a base that is fixed to the left and right side plates of the plate making mechanism. The base is provided with a motor-powered transmission mechanism and a cutter mechanism driven by it to cut the paper. The wire rope with a tensioning mechanism in the cutter mechanism drives the movable blade on the slider to be balanced by the steel ball. While making a lateral slide, the movable blade rotates again due to the meshing relationship between the cutter gear and the cutter rack. The cutting blade is formed on the pedestal to form a cutting edge to achieve the purpose of cutting the wax paper. At the same time, a trip switch is set at both ends of the pedestal to invert the motor and complete the moving blade to restore the standby task. The paper cutter has a fast paper cutting speed, a smooth and coordinated motion, can keep the cut wax paper smooth and flat, has a good cutting effect, and has a long service life of the cutting knife.

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