Outokumpu's new stainless steel packaging technology

In the Outokumpu Stainless in Tornio Finland complex in the city of Tornio, Finland, a 700m-high integrated automatic cold-rolled sheet pickling (or RAP rolling, annealing and pickling) production line was built. It increased the total output of finished products including 750,000 tons of cold-rolled plates to 1.2 million tons. This packaging line, which has been built with five packaging lines for Pesmel OY and built according to the new packaging technology requirements, first wraps the steel sheets with plastic film, and then uses automated equipment to carry out protective packaging with wooden boxes before binding. , and then transferred to the delivery site or elevated warehouse. Plates with a maximum weight of up to 5 tons per piece are transported at a speed of 50 bales per hour. The one-year trial shows that it not only improves productivity and competitiveness, but also has the advantages of safety and environmental protection. Previously, special products that had to be manually carried out to package sharp-edged steel plates had been automated. In addition, its packaging plastic film and wood are also easy to recycle and reuse.

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Hotel Mattress

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