"UV offset printing" is a standard in the printing industry

UV offset printing is a very mature technology and has established a wide range of verification standards. It is also a common language in the printing industry today. In the entire UV offset printing industry, including inks, plates, prints and substrates, there are globally recognized standards. Using UV offset printing is easier. For global buyers, the global response can be achieved by spending less resources.

Prepress management

Art design is usually considered from the perspective of UV offset printing, so that the relationship between the platemaking company and the printing factory is more harmonious. Only adopting a single common standard can reduce the risk of misunderstanding, shorten the learning curve between supply and demand, and at the same time allow more printers to provide services.

Printing houses can obtain plate files from any plate-making company and do not need to make much effort in adopting corresponding printing technologies. The offset printing volume produced by the UV offset file can guarantee global consistency.

Printing quality

If both UV flexo and gravure provide excellent print quality, UV offsets provide "accessibility" to meet quality requirements. The quality of UV offset printing can be realized globally. Sheet-fed UV offset printers have high-quality printing presses in every corner of the world.

The printing quality is no longer affected by the quality of the attachment (such as the dot capacity of the anilox roller, the hardness of the liner tape, the release of the resin plate ink, etc.). Because every link in the production chain is standardized, no matter which manufacturer, it takes only a small amount of resources. As a result, the print quality in all parts of the world is predictable.

Process control

The standard of UV offset printing has already been deeply rooted in people's minds, which allows the supply and demand sides to establish a common understanding basis. Control can be carried out throughout the entire production process, from the source file to the final printing result. The interpretation of quality cannot be arbitrarily defined. It should be explained by common regulations.

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