What fashion elements will be introduced in the furniture industry in 2011?

In 2010, China's home furnishing industry maintained a growth rate of 25%. With such a large growth space, all furniture brands are vying for the market. Among them, the high-end brand headed by Debao Sikman cabinets, occupying the market of first- and second-tier cities with its quality advantage, with the advantages of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and wine cellars, and the key layout in first- and second-tier cities; low-end brands to prices Advantages, a good grasp of the consumer's psychology, with the characteristics of the price, occupying the building materials city of the third-tier cities, clear and distinct, according to the advantages. Then 2011 is not a big show waiting to be staged.

Under the impetus of the market, there will always be some trends becoming more and more obvious every year. There will always be some elements that will quietly infiltrate into the home furnishing industry, forming the fashion trend and development trend of the year. Among them, the kitchen cabinets in the home industry, the whole Wardrobe and wine cellar decoration are the most obvious. After 2010, we are making great strides toward 2011. In 2011, the development trend of the home furnishing industry has different opinions and different opinions. But for the home industry, whether it is decoration style or building materials, it will not be like fashion, fashion is follow-up, unpredictable.

The unchanging subject "environmentally friendly"

The famous high-end cabinet brand Debao? Sikman is famous for its solid wood cabinets. Among them, Carson Imperial solid wood cabinets, Roman era solid wood kitchen cabinets, Roman impression solid wood cabinets sell well in the kitchen cabinet market, and exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, it is recommended. A tense life, high prices, in 2011, the comfortable kitchen has become the pursuit of more consumers. Smooth straight lines, remove all unnecessary decorations, natural plates, pure solid wood series, the pursuit of environmentally friendly natural wind, more and more flourishing.

Save individualized style

From the purchase of consumers, from the development trend of the overall wardrobe market, the trend of home furnishing in 2011 is still the standard of environmental protection, simplicity and practicality. In the modern home decoration, the wardrobe is getting more and more attention, the simple plate, the personalized design, the function is simple and practical, and the style of the host is not lost, which meets the needs of modern consumers.

Hope for investment

Along with the rapid growth of the domestic wine market, the collection of red wine has gradually become a new investment method for fashionistas because of its unique value preservation and value-added effects. Last year, only China's wine sales reached 1.1 billion bottles. This strong market prospect also indicates that the era of all-people wine has arrived, and the wine cellar products as high-end consumer goods have also been detonated in advance by the Sikman wine cellar. How to store red wine and make wine a fine life is a common problem faced by countless wine tasting and period wine investors. The wine cellar gives hope.

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