"3·5" Lei Feng Day 18 furniture companies give love

On March 5th, Harbin Furniture Industry Association and Harbin City Federation of Industry and Commerce Home Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce led 18 furniture enterprises in our city to come to Harbin Yanxing Primary School to carry out "send warmth and love" - ​​2013 hand in Yanxing Primary School Love Student aid activities. It is reported that the charity activities of furniture industry enterprises have become traditional activities for many years. The charity activities strive to make the whole society feel the warm love of the furniture enterprises, and through this activity, this charitable charity activity will become a responsibility inertia, and the warmth and care will be sent to the people in need. 18 families will give their love first. The company has set an example for the entire furniture industry in the city, and it also gives the company a platform to show warmth and responsibility to the society. It is reported that the Harbin Furniture Industry Association, Harbin Hongqi Furniture Decoration Materials City, Lihua Furniture Decoration Materials City, Haifu Decoration Materials Shopping Mall, Tianma Home, Yichun San Brother Furniture, Baoli Furniture, Rongshiyi 18 well-known furniture companies such as Feng Home.

Children are the future of the motherland. Entrepreneurs send warmth to every child in the cold winter, bring spring warmth to the children, make their faces full of innocent and joyful smiles, and care for the future of the migrant children with love. . It is understood that the enterprises participating in the event have made one-on-one donations, and they have provided a 2,000-yuan student-study fund for the migrant children of Yanxing Primary School to solve the love lunch for the poor children during their school days. And the difficulty of miscellaneous fees. Li Hua Furniture and Decoration Materials City also provided an extra school bag for children to use new bags and stationery in the new semester. The president of Harbin Yanxing Primary School said that we will not disappoint the ardent expectations of the furniture people and express our deep gratitude to the loved ones on behalf of the students.

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