Small nucleic acid molecule causing astronaut bone loss found

In long-term space flight, bone loss due to weightlessness ranks first among various risk factors for astronaut health. The research team of Li Yingxian, the State Key Laboratory of Aerospace Medicine Foundation and Application, China Astronaut Research and Training Center, and the relevant research units of the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, 301 Hospital, and Jinan University have cooperated in the field of weightless bone loss research. A breakthrough research achievement of the same grade, found and explained the function of a small nucleic acid that is involved in both weightlessness and aging osteogenesis reduction, and the therapeutic drug developed for the small nucleic acid in the experiment successfully prevented simulated weightlessness and aging The resulting osteogenic ability is reduced and bone is lost. On December 10, the research results were published online in the international authoritative academic journal Nature-Medical.

Space bone loss is a bottleneck factor that restricts humans from entering deep space, and is also a problem that must be solved before building a lunar base and exploring Mars, affecting the safety and health of astronauts. Small nucleic acid molecules (microRNA) play an important regulatory role in development, apoptosis, metabolism and human diseases. Li Yingxian's research team cooperated with the Orthopedics Research Institute of 301 Hospital and the Clinical Hospital of Jinan University. After three years of collaborative accumulation and statistical analysis, microRNA molecules involved in the regulation of bone development were screened in a large number of clinical osteoporosis samples. And identification. The bioinformatics research team of Academician He Fuchu of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences conducted a statistical analysis of these data and targeted the research to a small nucleic acid molecule (microRNA-214) that was negatively related to the function of osteoblasts. This small nucleic acid molecule can regulate the differentiation process of osteoblasts and the mineralization and osteogenic ability of osteoblasts. On this basis, the team synthesized a specific inhibitor of microRNA-214 in vitro, and accurately delivered the microRNA-214 molecular inhibitor to the surface of osteoblasts by means of a nucleic acid delivery system capable of targeting osteoblasts.

Experimental data shows that targeted therapy targeting microRNA-214 can significantly inhibit osteoporosis and aging osteoporosis caused by simulated weightlessness. The results of this research are a solid step forward in the protection of bone loss caused by long-term Chinese astronauts on the space station and reversal of osteoporosis in the elderly.

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