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The European style Heidelberg solid wood series cabinets give the first impression that it is very calm and belongs to the classic European-style simple design. The product design occupies a small space, and the open cabinets that enter the wall make clever use of the decoration structure, which is the ultimate display of the overall appearance of the cabinets. The compact “U” shape solid wood series cabinets have storage area, cooking area, cleaning area, and meal preparation area. They are fully functional and suitable for many families.

Oupai Heidelberg solid wood series cabinet storage area has super large storage unit cabinet. The storage space is sufficient, and the layered space (the height of the baffle is adjustable) is convenient for storing food and tableware.

Stylish anti-theft glass door, both practical and decorative.

Cooking area

European-style range hood, seamlessly embedded, to ensure the unity of the overall style of the range hood. The range hood is engraved with stylish carvings around it, further reminding the European style of simple style.

Cleaning area

Oupai Heidelberg solid wood series cabinets, countertops are top acrylic stone, high environmental protection level. At the same time, the unique sink guiding technology and the under-counter basin technology have high durability. The water basin adopts Oupai's own brand, and the faucet adopts 304 stainless steel full copper body. The faucet is simple in shape, consistent with the style of the overall cabinet. Durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to remove oil stains. The inner groove of the water tank adopts arc design, which greatly expands the space utilization, the sewage discharge is smooth, and it is also conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

The Opaid Heidelberg solid wood series cabinets are marked with the Europa logo on the cabinets. Check carefully when installing. In addition, the intimate drain line design effectively prevents the cabinet from being damp, and the quality is more guaranteed.

Hardware + electrical appliances

Oupai Heidelberg solid wood series cabinets with built-in disinfection cabinets are easy to use and save space. The vintage handles are carefully mixed with ceramics and hardware, and the European-style vintage style is more in line with the solid wood cabinet.

Note: The handles can be matched at will, and consumers are free to choose.

Austrian Heidelberg solid wood cabinets use Austrian BLUM (Blum) hardware. The metal damping slides smoothly, with a maximum load of 65kg. Silent experience, protect the cabinet and increase life. The inner layer of the cabinet adopts reinforced hardware materials, which increases the load bearing and prolongs the service life of the layer.

The lower cabinet is equipped with a linkage basket design, which does not occupy extra space, and it is convenient to take food. The rice noodle box is also equipped with a slide. The overall cabinet with excellent storage function is undoubtedly the most effective "assistant" for housewives.

Evaluation summary: Solid wood is a kind of original organic material, not only has a gorgeous appearance, but also can be beautifully carved, and the styles are also rich and diverse. For netizens who like solid wood furniture, Oppai Heidelberg solid wood cabinets are a good choice. The classic European minimalist design, coupled with the retro handle, the overall style is calm and atmospheric. The rich European style instantly enhances the taste and is suitable for various types of European-style homes.

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