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AIA Integrated Ceiling realized the expansion and optimization of integrated ceiling electrical modules in 2004. On the road to development, AIA Integrated Ceiling has been the first to develop new products, pushing the ceiling industry to a higher level. So what about the AIA integrated ceiling?

In terms of price, the AIA integrated ceiling is relatively expensive, but as the saying goes, you pay for a penny, because AIA uses real materials and the cost is much higher than others, so the price is relatively high, which is why AIA is not The reason for the price war, but the market share has been rising linearly. The AIA integrated ceiling utilizes the world's top resources and the best designers (including the famous European design master Qiao Hengsheng, the Italian famous product designer Falko Windhaus, Jingdezhen ceramic artist Luo Xiaocong, etc.), to ensure the quality and quality of AIA products Beautiful design. In addition, good after-sales service is the key to winning word of mouth and the guarantee of the market. AIA is committed to creating service standards for the integrated ceiling industry.

Saying that AIA integrated ceiling is better, it is better to look at the evaluation of AIA integrated ceiling netizens. The following are netizens from three places in China who have used AIA integrated ceiling:

Wenzhou netizen: The quality and craftsmanship of AIA in the integrated ceiling are the best. Of course, the price is also the most expensive. This is a recognized high-quality brand. Good products are naturally not cheap. In a word: good goods are not cheap.

Guangdong netizen: AIA integrated ceiling is not bad, use it at home, it is more expensive than Other brands, but the quality service is still quite in place, after using it, it feels very good, and it is worth the money.

Shanghai netizen: AIA is well-known in the industry, and the quality is also acceptable, but the price of AIA integrated ceiling is only suitable for high-end consumers.

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