Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the three wardrobes to help you choose the most favorite wardrobe

[ China Wardrobe ] As people's quality of life continues to improve, almost everyone has dozens or more of clothing, the accumulation of these styles and textures, people began to classify them, so the wardrobe is each An integral part of the family space. So, what kind of wardrobe do we want to buy? Is it a custom closet, or a custom-made wardrobe for woodworking, or a finished wardrobe? Below we will specifically introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of wardrobes, so that you can better choose yourself. The welcoming wardrobe.

[Customized wardrobe]

Custom wardrobe

Tailored wardrobe


1, the wardrobe can be flexibly disassembled: (moving can also be removed and used)

2, the wardrobe materials are selected environmentally friendly materials, with environmental testing standards, and wear-resistant, non-fading.

3, a professional designer according to the needs of the owner's life, tailored to the situation on the spot, make full use of the use of space, can also be designed according to the map provided by the owner.

4, the factory uses sophisticated machinery and equipment to ensure the craft and quality of furniture

5. The factory has a unified procurement process and procurement standards to ensure that materials and hardware are directly purchased by regular manufacturers and have good quality.

6, there are two years of after-sales protection, if there is a problem, a phone call to the scene within 48 hours.

7, the overall home is absolutely environmentally friendly, without any odor.


The price is more expensive!

[Woodworking site custom wardrobe]

Finished wardrobe

Woodworking site custom wardrobe


The gap between the closet and the wall is better, and the closet can be slightly curved.


1. All cabinets are fixed and cannot be disassembled.

2, the plates are sandwich panels or fir boards, the material is not factory hard and durable.

3. The surface treatment of the board is treated with paint. The panels produced without the factory are beautiful in appearance and the paint is not environmentally friendly.

4, the quotation is quoted by meters, the internal structure is simple, and the practicality is not enough.

5, the production of tools and equipment is simple, the accuracy of the size is not enough, and the manual process is rough.

6, most of the hardware accessories are scattered purchase, and some hardware has no industry reputation, can not guarantee the quality.

7, no after-sales service quality assurance.

8. Now the price of materials and labor is rising. It is time-consuming, costly and costly to make a home.

9, not environmentally friendly, smelly!

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