Four major misunderstandings of sister fitness

The sisters always have such concerns about fitness, and the following summarizes the four misunderstandings of the fitness girl. If you are a fitness girl, please read the following carefully to see if you think so too?


  Misunderstanding 1: Running legs will be thick

In fact, as long as it is not a very violent sprint, it will not make the legs thicker, such as jogging, running at a constant speed.


Myth 2: Deep legs will be thick

As long as you don't make heavy squats, you won't make your legs thicker. If it is just a light weight, the squat will not only make the legs thicker, but will make the leg muscles tighter and the legs more beautiful.


   Misunderstanding 3: You can lose weight without eating

If you don't eat, you can lose weight temporarily, but for a person, how long can you stick to not eating? Once you return to normal diet, everything will return to before weight loss. So just relying on not eating to lose weight is hurting your body and wasting time.


   Misunderstanding 4: Lifting iron president muscle

The so-called lift iron is the strength exercise. As long as the sister does not exercise with a large weight, it will not grow more muscles. Physiologically, the sister's male hormones are much lower than men's, and it is not enough to grow more muscles through simple strength exercises. Otherwise, the men in the world are all Schwarzenegger. On the contrary, after the girl exercises strength, not only can improve the muscle mass of the body and increase the muscles properly, but also consume more calories, thereby reducing the accumulation of body fat.

The above is the four misunderstandings of fitness gymnastics. Is there you?


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