How is the quality of Mengtian wooden door

There is never a lack of beauty in modernist life, but a lack of discovery. Without pushing a door, you never know what is behind the door, constantly breaking through, bravely discovering beauty, true love, and true happiness. Mengtian wooden doors, beautiful lines and pure glass create a fashionable space that belongs to you. Let's follow the editor to understand the quality of the wooden door under Mengtian.

How is the quality of Mengtian wooden door

Mengtian Wooden Door, from Zhejiang Mengtian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. established in 1989, is the earliest well-known enterprise in China dedicated to research, development, production and sales of wood composite doors. In order to further meet market demand, Mengtian enterprises have introduced first-class production equipment and production technology from Germany, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Together with the two major production bases, the development of more than 20 years has further consolidated Mengtian's leading position at home and abroad Market share.

Mengtian wooden door has been in accordance with the business philosophy of "continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, and creation of value for customers", and has been constantly innovating independently to provide consumers with more high-quality products. In the continuous process of seeking truth, it also provides a reliable guarantee for consumers' home safety.

product description:

Process: the combination of modern manufacturing technology and military standards.

Main materials: pine wood and imported precious tree species, paints, base materials, adhesives, etc. for Panpan used in cooperation with scientific research institutions and well-known enterprises

Type: original wood door, solid wood composite door, craft door, ecological door, aluminum magnesium alloy door, wardrobe door, cabinet door.

Style: Chinese, European, simple, stylish.

Buying point: Sophisticated--reasonable structure, perfect details; plump, moisturizing, and smooth coating effect.

Thick and heavy-real materials, thickened production. Safety-ultra-quiet, thermal insulation, high standard environmental protection Panpan special material condensation (without anti-theft function)

Quality--Military quality, distinguished style, and show dignity. Service-five-year warranty, lifetime service.

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