Champion tile 4 close to natural tiles recommended

Series: The scars of the champion tiles

Specification: 60 * 60CM

Design concept: The idea of ​​the champion tile "Scar of the Years" comes from the basalt formed by the condensation of magma produced by the volcanic eruption. Basalt is the representative rock of spouting rock. Under the action of internal force, underground magma ejects the surface condensation along the weak crust to form rock. Its mineral crystal particles are fine, and some have rhythm or pore structure;

Champion tiles "Scars of the Years" series. With the help of imported excellent equipment, we use technology to absorb the essence of natural stone, simulate the layered texture and natural texture of the original stone after years of erosion and grinding, combined with superb half-throwing technology, create a semi-bright artistic beauty of the product, giving the product a unique natural charm , Touch lightly with your hands to experience the natural mottled texture; stop to stare and experience the softness of the waves and light; a subtle beauty of inner show is reflected here.

Series: Champion tile sea style

Specification: 30 * 60CM 60 * 60CM

Design concept:-the most rigid and soft, the leader of the coastal wind in the soft light era

The sea style of champion ceramic tiles is becoming more and more homogenous in terms of color, texture and surface, especially the uniformly polished tiles make people tired and unable to express their personality and fashion. With completely different textures and textures, the sea customs match the aesthetic trend of the new century and enable people to realize their individuality and fashion;

Champion tile sea style – inspired by the coast, it is the latest technological achievement of Champion's unique CHAMPION-V technology platform. The free combination of natural materials and complete and ingenious, in line with the new aesthetic design, personality and fashion performance methods, highlight your unique high-grade, pursuit of personality, and texture life in sync with the international trend. The use of high-tech means makes the sea style have the effect that natural rocks are difficult to achieve. It is dense, hard, environmentally friendly, and easy to construct, making you handy and easy in planning and laying.

Series: Champion tile LAVA Lava

Specifications: 60 * 60CM; 60 * 120CM; 90 * 90CM

Design concept: The natural texture of volcanic lava from the champion ceramic tile LAVA lava. The lava LAVA series is created to imitate its shape. It uses the latest Italian powder mixing process to restore the natural and simple texture of volcanic rock; five popular colors, three surface effects ( Natural surface, semi-polished surface, anti-slip surface), in the form of humanized, personalized and multi-functional products, the champion tile meets the color matching and functional combination in different living areas, and realizes the selection and color matching of the interior space of the room and the interior and exterior. The style is unified.

Series: Champion Tile Mountain Ash

Specification: 30 * 60CM

Design concept: geometric art trend space

The champion tile mountain ash is derived from the rocks of the Andes, with neat geometric lines and trendy fashion totems as the source, presenting a variety of artistic atmosphere; the strong rock texture, like the overlapping mountains, has a magnificent The artistic conception of ink-and-wash painting allows a rational space to be covered with a sensuous fashion coat, so that the plain and quiet space atmosphere becomes fresh and dynamic. Mountain ash is coming for the tide.

Editor's summary: The champion tile natural wind is recommended here. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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