Installation method of wet ball gauze in high and low temperature damp heat test box

Wet ball gauze (wet ball paper) used in the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber has certain requirements. It can be replaced with high-grade wet paper towels, but not any gauze can be substituted, because the relative humidity reading is based on the difference between temperature and humidity, strictly speaking It is also related to the local atmospheric pressure and wind speed at that time. The wet bulb temperature indication is related to the amount of water absorbed by the gauze and the evaporation of the surface. These are directly related to the quality of the gauze, so the weather stipulates that the wet ball gauze must be a special "wet ball gauze" woven from linen. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the correctness of the indication of the wet bulb thermometer, that is, the correct humidity. In addition, the placement of the wet ball gauze is also clearly stipulated. The length of the gauze is 100 mm. The sensor probe is tightly wound. The probe is 25-30 mm away from the humidity cup. The gauze is immersed in the cup.

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