Make the ceiling more artistic Star Libao one kitchen one bathroom simple ceiling recommended

Recommended products : Xing Libao ceiling, one kitchen, one bathroom, luxurious package

Reference price: 988.00 yuan / set

Reasons for recommendation: There are 3 reasons to choose this package, one is affordable, the other is simple, and the third is luxurious configuration. That's right, this package combines high quality, high cost performance, and high practicality. The simple and plain colors are really comfortable, and it is a must for home!

Recommended products: Xing Libao ceiling, one kitchen, one bathroom, luxurious three-light heating package

Reference price: 758.00 yuan / set

Recommended reason: This series of Xinglibao ceilings has a heating configuration with a lamp heater, which will make your winter full of sunshine. The two-color simple style is Xing Libao's best-selling classic, and the high cost performance allows you to enjoy unparalleled offers.

Recommended products: Xing Libao ceiling one kitchen one bathroom simple package

Reference price: 658.00 yuan / set

Reason for recommendation: The pure colored ceiling looks monotonous, but it actually has its own faint beauty. The rapid heating mode allows you to instantly feel the warmth it brings in a wet bathroom.

Recommended products: Xing Libao ceiling, one kitchen, one bathroom, classic carbon fiber package

Reference price: 988.00 yuan / set

Recommended reason: In an era where environmental protection is deeply rooted in people's hearts, the ceiling cannot be left behind. The green environmental protection quality of this ceiling allows you to live in a spotless space and let green health fill your life.

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