Welfare! Four latest Korean wardrobe designs

[ Chinese Wardrobe ] The Korean style reproduces the exquisite and romantic urban quality with a fascinating pastoral sentiment, interpreting the unique romance, innocence, harmony, tranquility and nature of Korean culture. In recent years, Korean-style bedrooms have been favored by the 80s and 90s. How do Korean style bedroom wardrobes match? The Chinese wardrobe network selects four Korean wardrobes for you, so let us easily create a Korean-style bedroom.

Korean pastoral two-door wardrobe

Korean style bedroom closet

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Reference price : 1480.00 yuan

Brand : Earl • Mansion

Shopping guide reason : a simple and chic Korean garden wardrobe, the two-door design storage space is not large, but the victory is practical, with two drawers, practicality is enhanced. This wardrobe is supported by round and thick solid wood cabinet feet. It has strong load-bearing capacity and is stable.

Three-door wardrobe with drawers

Korean pastoral wardrobe

Reference price : 1790.00 yuan

Brand : Mu Hao

Shopping guide reason : simple and exquisite appearance, smooth lines, warm and pure ivory white tone, interpretation of the perfect Korean pastoral style. The layout of this wardrobe is scientific and reasonable, making use of limited space as much as possible, making the most space-saving grid design, facilitating the classification of clothing, and making the storage well organized.

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