Which is the best way to refresh your face in the morning?

Morning refreshing What is the best way to change the face?

Tired of the unchanging face-washing method? In fact, you have more choices. Nowadays, the cleansing products have various forms, some of the lotions also have a cleaning effect, and their role is fully exerted. The face washing in the morning will not be monotonous. What other ways to wash your face have not been tried, come on!

Morning cleansing method

Method 1: Bubble Mask Massage

If your cleansing product is rich in foam, apply a bubble on your face to make a simple mask. Don't be busy, let the foam stay on your face for 1-2 minutes, use the blasting of carbonated foam to massage the skin, which can effectively improve the microcirculation and give you a good look. After a little massage, wash off the foam with water.

Method 2: cotton pad cleaning method

Do not wash your face after getting up. Use a cotton pad to apply a lot of lotion to wipe the entire face. The lotion can effectively nourish the dry and dry facial skin first. At the same time, it can also remove excess keratin with the cotton pad, and then use cleansing. Make a second cleansing of milk and water, which will not be too irritating, and will give your skin a new look just by cleaning the steps.

Method 3: Low temperature water ice wash method

Generally, we advocate washing your face with warm water, but in the hot summer, you can wash your face with low temperature water. This will effectively stimulate the skin and converge on the pores. In addition, low-temperature water can also bring a soothing facial effect, which is very suitable for washing your face in the summer morning. If it is in the winter, you can choose a warm water to wash your face with a slightly higher temperature.

Low temperature water refreshing effect

Low temperature water refreshing effect is good, but if you sweat vigorously in the morning, it is best not to wash with ice water, because cold stimulation will make the blood vessels under the epidermis shrink quickly, the pores will be closed immediately, the sweat will stop secreting, and the heat can not be discharged. It is easy to cause fever, colds and other diseases.

Method 4: Beat therapy to wake up the skin

In the morning, the skin will become tired. In order to completely awaken the skin, you can tap the face after washing your face. Gently pat the face with your palm for 1 minute. Dry or sensitive skin can be smudged with a cotton pad or lotion. Refreshing and hydrating are correct, and the effect is immediate.

Note: Do not wipe with a wet towel after washing your face.

A towel that should not be wet with a wet towel for a long time is beneficial to the proliferation of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel is tantamount to applying various bacteria to your face. Towels should always be kept clean and monotonous, washed with a dry towel after washing your face, and quickly and cleanly.

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