Shanghai Xinzhuang constant temperature shaker according to the combination of water bath and oil bath

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It is well known that the constant temperature shaker can be used in the research and education departments of plants, biology, microbiology, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, food, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. for the precision culture of various organisms, the research of genetic engineering, the heating of petrochemical industry, and so on.


1) According to the oscillation method: gyro (laboratory), reciprocating, dual function (swing and reciprocating)

2) According to the assembly, water bath, air bath and oil bath

Air bath thermostatic shaker: is a temperature-controlled biogas instrument combined with a constant temperature gas box and oscillator

The water bath constant temperature shaker is a biochemical instrument combining temperature controlled water bath and oscillator.

The oil bath constant temperature shaker is a biochemical instrument combining temperature controllable oil bath and oscillator.

The gas bath shaker has a temperature control of up to 70 ° C, generally 37 ° C.

The water bath shaker has a temperature control up to 100 °C.

3) According to the oscillation frequency:

There are three common types: 30-200RPM 400-300RPM 60-400RPM

The oscillation frequency reaches 400 RPM, because the oscillation frequency is relatively large, so the requirements for the Erlenmeyer flask are high.

4) by volume: trace, constant and large

5) According to the constant temperature range: low temperature (5-50 ° C) and normal temperature and high temperature

6) According to the number of layers: single layer and double layer

7) According to the number of doors: single door and double door

上海皓庄恒温摇床按组合件分水浴 气浴与油浴

8) According to the display method: digital display (only digital display) and LCD display (display numbers and letters)

9) According to the timing function: timing and normally open

10) According to the placement method: vertical, desktop, stacked, floor-standing

11) Whether environmental protection is divided into: fluorine and fluorine

12) According to heating power: 999W or less, 1000W-1999W; 2000W or more

13) According to the amplitude of oscillation: Φ25mm (common), Φ50mm (large)

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