Cleverly rolled PS plate curl

After the PS Plate of the JL204 type rotary machine used in our factory, it is necessary to roll the sides with a 90° angle and a high edge of 10mm to facilitate packing, transportation and reprocessing.

In the past, we used two nylon rollers with a diameter of 40mm and a length of 60mm, and a coupled handle on the top to make a manual roller. When used, put a PS plate with curls up and place it on the platform. Then, hold the roller in the right hand and roll the flattened edges of the PS plate out to the side. In this way, rolling a PS plate takes about 30 seconds. With this method, only one PS plate can be rolled at a time. Moreover, many small waves appear at the crimped edge after rolling, and the flatness is very poor. As a result, the edges of the regenerated PS plate are not straight and are renewed. Both curved and upper versions cause difficulties. To solve this problem, we used the platen on the right side of the bending machine to flatten the PS plate edge. In this way, every time the 6 PS plates are rolled, 35 seconds are used, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also flattenes the smoothness of the PS plate after rolling. This is much better than the rolling method used in the past. It is the regeneration and reuse of the PS plate. Laid a good foundation. The specific method of operation is as follows:

First of all, six PS plates and curled edges will be laid out one by one, and then the large surface of the good PS plate will be perpendicular to the platform of the plate bender. The small face of the curled edge will be parallel to the platform, and at the same time, The flange is pushed into the underside of the pressure plate, and the vertical face of the PS plate is pressed against the inner side of the pressure plate, and then the eccentric handle is pulled so that the pressure plate presses down the flange of the PS plate downward. At this time, the PS plate perpendicular to the platform can be laid flat to the left side. You can use your hands or a square beam of 600mm x 25mm x 20mm to press down the PS plate along the inside of the platen, turning the original right angle into an obtuse angle. . After pressing, the eccentric handle is pulled to lift the pressure plate, and then the bending angle pressed into an obtuse angle is pushed under the pressure plate. At this point, the left hand to hold the PS version, the right hand to pull the eccentric handle repeatedly pressed down force two or three times, remove the rolling flat angle PS version. Then, the other side of the PS plate can be flattened by the above method. A rolling operation takes only 35 seconds. It is fast and good. Friends who are interested may wish to give it a try.

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