[Customized wardrobe depth] How much is the depth of the bedroom custom closet?

[Chinese wardrobe net] [difficulties] For the depth of custom wardrobe , many friends have different views, some say 550mm, some say 600mm, and some say 650mm, then, what is the depth of the wardrobe?

[Question] How much is the depth of the bedroom custom closet?

Custom wardrobe depth

【Best answer】

To answer this question, we must first distinguish two concepts: the total depth of the wardrobe, the depth of the wardrobe.

The total depth of the wardrobe refers to the maximum depth of the wardrobe. There are 2 cases and 4 sizes: one is to open the door and the other is to slide the door.

The total depth of the door opener has 2 dimensions: when the door panel is outside the side panel, the total depth = cabinet depth + door panel thickness; the door panel is inside the side panel, that is, when the door panel is flush with the outer panel, the total depth = cabinet depth .

The total depth of the sliding door wardrobe is also available in two sizes: when the sliding door is outside the cabinet (this is what we usually call the in-wall wardrobe), the total depth = the cabinet depth + the sliding door depth; the sliding door is inside the cabinet When sliding, total depth = cabinet depth.

The size of the wardrobe clearance refers to the depth actually available in the wardrobe. This depth does not include the depth of the door. Moreover, the thickness of the back panel of the wardrobe is also deducted, usually between 20mm and 30mm.

Take most of the sliding door wardrobes on the market as an example. The total depth is generally 600mm. The depth of the sliding door is at least 90mm, and the depth of the cabinet is only 510mm. Now, we have to deduct the thickness of the backboard, calculated at a minimum of 20mm. Then our actual wardrobe has a net depth of only 490mm.

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