Furniture O2O Forum: Furniture e-commerce is unstoppable

Xianghe Furniture City structural transformation, channel transformation, model innovation, e-commerce boom... The furniture industry is like this business society that is undergoing fierce transformation, and also faces the opportunities and challenges of transformation and upgrading: the future development of the furniture industry Where is the road?
Furniture companies do the trend of e-commerce on September 13, 2014, with the theme of "big data, new marketing, the development trend of furniture e-commerce under the tide of mobile Internet", I loved my first furniture O2O forum, which was successfully held in Shanghai. The forum widely invites the heads of furniture companies, securities investment companies, media, industry observers and relevant government departments to observe their analysis of the current situation of the furniture industry from different angles and how to use the Internet to make transformations and upgrades.
For the transformation of e-commerce, many furniture brand companies participating in the forum have agreed that this is a major trend in the development of the industry.
“The shift in consumer spending habits has made them more and more inclined to online shopping, even including large items such as furniture and mattresses, which are unimaginable.” Representatives from Xilinmen to e-commerce The explosive development has given high attention. "We have to take advantage of the situation and must seize this opportunity."
But for the problem of how to do it, furniture companies have their own doubts, is it to build their own platform, or to use third parties? Faced with the online and offline dealer system, how to break the dilemma between left and right hands and mutual help?
Choosing a good platform is the key to the successful transformation of the company Xianghe Furniture City
I love the general manager of the home network Ma Ziqiang believes that it is not the best choice for enterprises to do e-commerce themselves. “Traditional furniture companies often lack Internet genes, heavy weight, and slow transformation. If you choose to do your own e-commerce, then the funds, technology, team The investment of other factors is very large, not the average enterprise can afford, the risk of failure is very high." He gave the advice of using a mature platform to do e-commerce.
Ma Ziqiang analyzed the advantages of e-commerce platform that I loved my family from the low-cost customer cost, online and offline O2O experience-based sales, smart home improvement, combined home improvement, intelligent push under big data, and related sales. .
What is a smart home improvement? The staff demonstrated a cartoon on the spot, giving a smart home decoration and a combination of home furnishings a more like feeling: a house in a cartoon, from the living room to the restaurant to the bedroom, with a little finger From the color of the wallpaper, to the material of the dining table, to the style of the big bed, to the spatial position of the wardrobe, etc., the instantaneous transformation becomes another visual experience...
Through scene-based sampling and model house display, a real life scene is created. At the same time, database marketing will also run through the entire home improvement industry chain. Customers will complete all the home decoration related purchases of furniture, household items, home appliances, etc. through the Aijia platform, expanding the platform's channel sales capacity and contributing to more Associated sales.
Furniture e-commerce is entering the spring of development from the well-known Internet home textile home brand Tea Horse Road, combined with some of its own experience, shared with the participants the "Furniture and Exploration of Furniture E-Commerce" keynote speech, focusing on sharing furniture companies to do electricity The importance of logistics and the separation of online and offline goods.
On-site iResearch's industry report pointed out that in 2013, the number of online home improvement users reached 150 million, and the potential market for online home improvement industry exceeded one trillion. The home improvement industry has high non-standardization of its products, difficult long-distance logistics and distribution, and obvious brand regionalization. Naturally, it is suitable for the O2O model, and the entire building materials and home furnishing industry, including furniture companies, is entering the spring of e-commerce development.
Chen Xiaoming, who attended the Shanghai Commercial Information Committee of this forum, also pointed out that e-commerce, starting from the key areas of manufacturing, commerce, tourism and tourism, is accelerating the penetration into all walks of life and continues to maintain a strong growth momentum. Chen Xiaoming also elaborated on the government's strong support for the development of e-commerce business in enterprises from the aspects of policy, capital and technology.
The securities investment companies such as Shenyin Wanguo and bank securities attended the meeting, and they talked about the capital market's concern about the building materials and furniture e-commerce market from the capital, claiming that they are “very optimistic about this market”. Xianghe Furniture City
Xianghe Furniture City The fresh views and unique cognition of the guests made the whole forum more "real material and material". Everyone in the forum talked freely and exchanged ideas, and they sparked a lot of sparks. The atmosphere was very good. Enthusiastic, a feast of ideas in the development of the furniture industry made the participants enjoy themselves.

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