Four principles to guide the technological transformation of equipment in the packaging industry

The technological transformation of equipment in the packaging industry must first be well positioned. Packaging companies should not make decisions based on the company's regional market conditions and the operation and use of the company's own equipment, as well as the company's operating conditions and funding status. All the aims of the renovation should be based on cost and quality. In short, we must improve the technical level of equipment and meet the production needs of enterprises. Therefore, the technological transformation of the carton enterprise equipment should follow the following principles:

1, the overall principle

The transformation of equipment is a systematic project. The equipment in the packaging industry is coordinated and developed in all aspects. It is often impossible to meet the requirements for the transformation of a single link. Therefore, there must be an overall concept. The coordination of the entire assembly line system can make the transformation effective. It only pays attention to one point and often does not work well. Therefore, there must be a global awareness in the transformation process.

2, the principle of targeting

Packaging companies should be familiar with the market demand conditions and regional product structure, order categories, and production process requirements. In light of weak links in production, combining the position, frequency, and technical status of the equipment in the production process, effective resolution measures are not taken to determine the technical transformation project and location of the equipment. Comprehensive comparison of investment costs and frequency of use, in the technical transformation of equipment, should be carefully analyzed and researched, targeted.

3, the principle of applicability

The packaging company's production process, quality requirements, production volume, and equipment's technical status are different, and the adopted technical standards are also different. Therefore, packaging equipment is more important to be applied. Do not blindly pursue advanced nature and high metrics to prevent overcapacity and overcapacity. The more advanced and better the equipment is, the better it is.

4. Benefit principle

When carrying out feasibility studies and formulating implementation plans, the technological transformation of packaging companies' equipment must be conducted carefully and carefully for technical and economic analysis, and greater output should be obtained with less input. The size of investment costs and the length of payback period must be considered. . After the technological transformation, there will be a phenomenon that the production cost of the enterprise will rise and the margin of profit will decline. If the production capacity is increased after the transformation, it is necessary to expand the market and increase sales. With increased sales, it is necessary to increase the investment in liquidity, which in turn increases the amount of funds occupied or liabilities, including the increase in the use of resources. (For details, please refer to: )

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