Flat-screen TV shopping guide, flat-screen TV purchase skills, misunderstandings

Nowadays, home TV is indispensable, so many people have to buy TV for home decoration. Now the most popular TV is the flat-screen TV, which has very powerful and complete functions and can meet people's various entertainment needs. That flat-screen TV What should I pay attention to when buying? Xiaobian sorted out the tips for buying flat-screen TVs, the misunderstandings about buying flat-screen TVs, and the precautions for buying flat-screen TVs .

Tips for buying a flat-screen TV:

The first technology to see after-sales service guarantee

Although LCD liquid crystal screens are not prone to problems, if something goes wrong, maintenance is very troublesome. Most manufacturers provide warranty services ranging from 1 to 3 years. Some manufacturers even provide free on-site service and reduction of maintenance costs during the warranty period. These small details are best to ask before purchasing.

Second skill to judge dead pixels

The most common problem with LCD liquid crystal screens is "bad spots". Although many products claim that their products are "no dead spots," various manufacturers have different criteria for assessing dead spots, and some manufacturers provide "new ones whenever there are bad spots." Some services must be judged according to the relevant evaluation standards. How long does it take for a product to have a bad spot before it is regarded as a product defect? ​​A few points or more is a bad spot? These evaluation criteria should be asked clearly to avoid damage to rights and interests. Generally high-quality LCD TVs have strict control over the number of dead pixels.

The choice of the third technical brightness

Brightness refers to the brightness of the screen, the unit is cd / m2 or nits. At present, there are two ways to increase the brightness: one is to increase the light transmission rate of the LCD panel; the other is to increase the brightness of the backlight source.

If the brightness is too low, it is not conducive to clearly display the video picture, and it is even more helpless for some dim scenes. In addition, the brightness uniformity of the screen is also very important, but it is usually not marked in the LCD TV product specifications. Whether the brightness is uniform or not, is closely related to the number of backlights and reflectors and the configuration method. The TV with better quality has uniform brightness and no obvious bright areas. This point makes it easier to catch uneven brightness when switching the screen to a black screen.

The fourth technique pays attention to contrast

Most entry-level models have a screen contrast ratio of 300: 1, and medium models have a level of 450: 1 and 500: 1. If the comparison of entry-level and high-end models has the ability to display images, it has a high-contrast screen and color. The gradient effect will be more obvious, and the color performance will be more lively and rich, which mainly depends on the needs of users.

The fifth technical response time is not greater than 16ms

Due to the limitation of the imaging principle, the display response time of the LCD TV is relatively long, and the afterimage and tailing of moving images are prone to appear on the image, which is very unfavorable for film and television programs that mainly focus on dynamic images. This indicator is of course the smaller the better. After the efforts of the major LCD screen manufacturers, most of the LCD screens for TVs have achieved a response speed of about 16ms, and the appreciation of TV programs has basically not been a problem.

Sixth technology image resolution

The resolution of the LCD TV is fixed, please remember this! Unlike computer LCD monitors, you can adjust the resolution. The fixed resolution of the LCD TV is also its best resolution, and the high resolution can be easily compatible with HDTV. For any video signal that is not the best resolution of the LCD screen, the LCD TV needs to convert the image resolution before displaying the conversion.

At present, LCD TVs mainly have several common resolutions such as 800 × 600, 1280 × 768 and 1366 × 768.

The seventh technology life is not less than 50,000 hours

Some low-cost LCD TVs have relatively short lifespans, so pay special attention. The lifespan of the backlight is the lifespan of the LCD TV. The lifespan of the backlight of the general LCD TV is more than 50,000 hours. In other words, if you use an LCD TV for an average of 5 hours a day, the lifespan of 50,000 hours is equal to the 27 years you can use the LCD TV.

Mistakes in buying a flat-screen TV:

Myth 1: The bigger the screen, the better

We have emphasized before that TV screens that are too large or too small are not ideal. You need to decide based on your actual space and feelings; here we provide a set of reference data: 32-inch TVs are more suitable to be 2.5 meters away, and 42-inch TVs are more suitable. 3 meters away is more suitable, while the 60-inch TV has a good visual experience at a distance of 4.5 meters. Of course, these data are just for your reference, not standard values.

Myth 2: The more functions, the better

Not all functions are for what you need to use, and the one that suits you is the best. If you just watch TV programs, you don't need to buy a TV product with Internet function or even a smart TV, so there is no point other than adding unnecessary expenses to you.

Misunderstanding 3: Easily believe the "flick" of shopping guides in the store

In fact, many promoters are not professional. They are only responsible for selling products. They are not experts in this industry. Therefore, they do not understand many technical issues. The purpose of shopping guide promoters is to sell TV, not to troubleshoot. Experts, distinguishing whether a TV is good or bad still requires you to do your homework before, actually watch its color effect, and check its reputation and related information through major websites and forums.

Myth # 4: "Advanced technology" promoted by overly superstitious manufacturers

Like the second point, many technologies are indeed very advanced and practical, but they are not necessarily suitable for you, and may only increase your financial burden. For example, although Sharp ’s unique “four primary colors” technology claims to display richer and brighter colors, these products are also very expensive, and ordinary three primary color TV products can also meet the daily needs of watching TV and playing games. In order to pursue this function, he sold iron.

Myth five: "IPS hard screen" is the best

It is said that IPS hard screen is the best. This is just a propaganda method of manufacturers. It is not that the LCD TV of other types of panels is not good. Otherwise, Sharp ’s reputation as the “father of LCD” will become worthless.

Precautions for flat-screen TV purchase:

(1) The purchase invoice must be obtained so as to provide a basis for quality disputes.

(2) Pay attention to whether the product use instructions and product logos are complete. According to the "Product Quality Law", all products produced and sold in China should use the simplified Chinese language to indicate the factory name, factory address and certificate of conformity. Imported products should also be marked in Chinese. The product should have the name, trademark or identification mark of the manufacturer or responsible distributor, model code or model mark, power source symbol, rated input voltage, frequency, etc. Consumers must pay attention to whether the logo is complete and whether there is a Chinese instruction manual when purchasing.

(3) It is necessary to pay attention to whether the accessories of the product are complete when purchasing. Consumers should check whether the accessories are complete according to the packing list or instruction manual when purchasing.

(4) There is no need to blindly pursue indicators so as not to fall into the trap of gaining more than gains, especially because LCD TVs are the current consumer hotspot. Many companies can exaggerate performance indicators such as brightness, contrast and viewing angle when advertising. Several indicators, companies and businesses have excessive hype, and the indicators they provide are often obtained under extreme conditions, which does not make much sense from the actual viewing.

The related information is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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