About the market analysis of China's short-run printing industry

The scope of printed products has expanded rapidly, both paper-based and synthetic resin-based prints; both simple monochrome, color-printed and exquisite multi-color prints; documents, materials, books, newspapers There are also samples, advertisements, posters, bills, tags, trademarks, packaging boxes, handbags and other commercial, commercial, packaging and printing.

The prosperity of China's short-run printing industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The total market volume continues to grow, both the growth of emerging short-running businesses and the growth of the original batch printing.

2. The quality requirements are gradually improved, not only in the short-run printing demand, but also in the proportion of commercial printed products and fine-packed printed products, and the demand for quality in the popular demand is gradually improved; not only the pursuit of colorization, but also the pursuit of individualization. Artistic.

3. The scope of printed products has expanded rapidly, both paper-based and synthetic resin-based prints; both simple monochrome, color-printed and exquisite multi-color prints; existing documents, materials, books, newspapers Printing, there are also samples, advertisements, posters, bills, tags, trademarks, boxes, handbags and other commercial, commercial, packaging and printing.

4. The number of practitioners is huge. Due to the low barriers to entry in the market, and low investment and quick results, more and more people have invested in the short-run printing industry in recent years. Short-run printing companies and workshop clusters have appeared in many places.

5. The printing enterprises that purchase short-run printing equipment are diversified. There are both the printing and printing centers of the military and enterprises, the school-run printing factories, the fast-printing shops, the advertising companies, and the publishing and printing factories of various scales. Commercial printing plants, packaging and printing plants; there are three production enterprises, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, three-funded enterprises, and a large number of private enterprises.

6. The printing equipment is diversified, from light printing type small offset printing machine to business type small offset printing machine with heavy machine concept, digital printing machine and production type printer, multifunction machine; both monochrome machine and belt The two-color head printing machine also has two-color machine, four-color machine and multi-color machine; there are both general-purpose equipment and functional special equipment; there are both sheet-fed printing machines and web-printing machines; the printing machine's format is There are a wide variety of specifications from eight open, six open, five open to four open.

7. Diversified process technology, in addition to the application of direct plate making and digital printing, in the field of traditional printing, not only the printing methods such as offset printing, embossing, screen printing, inkjet, etc., but also UV printing, on-line UV glazing, Turn over new technologies such as double-sided printing.

The above prosperity scenes are reflected in different regions and different fields, and they are very different. From the perspective of the development level of the short-run printing industry and market demand, in general, the economic and business developed regions, the short-run printing industry is relatively developed; private enterprises are developing at a faster pace and are more willing to accept new technologies.

Limited to the asynchronous development of regional economy

From the distribution of the main customer groups provided by some of the four- and four-page offset press suppliers in the short-run printing market survey, the purchasing power of two-color and multi-color offset presses mainly comes from East China, especially in the Yangtze River Delta. Most of the advertising companies, fast printing companies, packaging and trademark printing companies; monochrome heavy-duty machine supporters mostly south of the Yangtze River, mainly distributed in short-run printing companies, bill printing plants and trademark printing plants. The multi-functional small offset printing machine with docking is popular. The ordinary small offset printing machine is generally only in the field of document printing and data printing, such as the printing and printing center and individual enterprises. These reflect from one aspect that in the context of market prosperity, due to the imbalance of economic, cultural and commercial development in various regions, the market space, printed products, quality requirements and equipment requirements of short-run printing also vary greatly.

1. A small number of short-run color fast-printing markets have been or are forming

In some large cities, the short-run printing industry, which is produced in office automation, is shifting from monochrome printing to color printing. There are professionals who specialize in short-run printers, as well as those who are versatile, as well as developers who start with short-run printing and then expand to medium-length printing. However, due to the unsynchronized economic development, the roads taken by different places are different and the level of development is different.

In terms of local markets, in the trade center cities represented by Shanghai, frequent international exchange activities, high-frequency exhibitions, conferences and various business activities, highly commercialized cultural and recreational activities, high-density commercial With the rapid pace of urban development, the demand for commercial printing is more prominent "fast" and "fine". Its "fast" is not only reflected in the printing speed, but more in the speed guarantee. , that is, the "fast" credibility. Therefore, short-run printing companies that are positioned in the market are more inclined to adopt digital printing equipment and imported small multi-color printing presses.

Although the political and cultural center represented by Beijing has formed a short-run color fast-printing market of a certain scale, but because the user group is relatively small, in addition to the fast-printing store, although there will be Yangchun Baixue industry first, in business The central area is equipped with digital printing machines, but its purpose is to establish a brand image and cultivate the market. They often backed up with prepress design or traditional printing business, and non-imported offset printing machines could not meet their taste requirements. Generally, the higher-level short-run printing enterprises often start with short-run printing. In the process of capital accumulation, they gradually screen out sporadic small customers. When they have relatively stable customer resources, they begin to advance to the medium-length printing. In line with the principle of complementary resources, the alliance network will be formed, and then the entire business of the user will be taken in the image of the printing service provider, or processed by itself, or processed by the network alliance.

In the above-mentioned regions, because the short-run fast industry has a relatively long history of development, the competition is fierce and the price continues to be in the low-end market. Most of the low-end products flow to small towns in the surrounding areas, which also drives the surrounding areas. The development of regional short-running fast industry has even formed clusters, such as Zhangzhou and Langfang in Beijing.

In the general big cities, except for the fact that some cities have a certain scale due to their geographical advantages, most of them have not yet formed a flourishing development trend. The printed parts flow to the economic and cultural developed areas, and some are local minority. Several companies monopolize. Luo Chunhu, director of Liangyu Color Printing Factory in Changchun City, Jilin Province, commented on the short-run printing situation of Changchun: Changchun is not a lot of companies engaged in short-run printing, but the source of life is very rich, the existing Liangyu color printing factory One 01 machine, one Sanxin YK500-NP and one Guanhua YK1800, often running 14 hours a day can not meet the needs, because the business type YK500-NP is very efficient and adaptable, it will be added soon. . In fact, not only Changchun, but the entire Northeast is like this, and a large market has not yet been developed. In the northeast region, the demand for short-run printing of black and white prints is not as much as that of the South, but the proportion of color work is very high. Individually successful companies have dozens of four-color machines and digital printing equipment. This market, but its price does not have an advantage compared to the South. Now, the advantages of short-run printing have gradually emerged in the Northeast, attracting some people to develop, but very few, what equipment is purchased and what price.

In the economically developed Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, even in medium-sized cities, the short-run printing industry has initially completed market segmentation, and competition has become more orderly. A considerable number of enterprises have clear positioning and clear development ideas. It is a consensus that all of you, the various divisions, and the various regions have expanded to the surrounding areas. General Manager Qian Xianli of Wuxi Changjiang Sample Co., Ltd. deeply felt this. He said: "In the past, the peers were all immersed in each other and they were still guarding each other. Now everyone is sitting together, communicating with each other and seeking common development. In these areas, private enterprises are in the mainstream, investment is no longer blind, experience and reason make it pay more attention to the supplier's door, reputation and quality, apply and moderately advanced investment ideas, so that imported and domestic printing equipment Those who have love, not only those who are not imported, but also those who like foreign goods and do not despise "local products."

2. Most medium-sized cities have formed a short-run printing market, but rapid demand is not yet widespread.

Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province has more than 1,300 printing factories, but according to the general manager of Xuzhou Dongrun Printing Co., Ltd. Yang Zhixia, most of these companies are engaged in black and white printing, all of which are small printing factories, of which only a dozen are engaged in color printing. These dozens of printing factories have state-owned, private, joint ventures, and generally use large-scale color printing equipment.

In the developing regions, many prefecture-level cities are still in the transition period of “goodbye to lead and fire”. The total demand in the short-run market is mostly black-and-white printing, and the middle and low-end products are in the mainstream. Most of the short-run color prints flowed to developed regions, and the rest of the large and medium-sized traditional printing companies that remained in the local area began to purchase equipment suitable for short-run color printing in order to attract more out-of-print printing. Another example: welfare enterprises, school-run enterprises, generally have a certain history, because they can enjoy special policies such as tax reduction and exemption, there is a certain amount of stable living resources, so it is more tenacious, more practical in product positioning and investment equipment, now Although small offset printing is the master, it is their ideal to be big.

The Printing Factory of Renmin University of China is the only school-run enterprise we interviewed. The director of the factory, Mr. Xiong Shihua, said that in addition to the tax reduction policy, the factory has nothing to do with the school body. When the factory was contracted four years ago, it was originally a small offset press imported many years ago. With the mastery of printing technology and the understanding of the short-run printing market, through unremitting efforts, the scale of the company has continued to expand, basically forming a production pattern based on short-term bill business such as bills and quotations and single-page publicity materials. In order to meet the demand for fast printing of bill printing, and to improve the printing capabilities of shallow nets and large solids, a China Eastern Airlines Np480 offset press was added a year ago. The basic starting point is that the equipment is flexible and versatile, can meet the needs, and the price is moderate, and will not cause the company to bear the pressure of the loan. Of course, the service is also a major condition. As the business grows bigger, the plant is ready to buy a large offset press, but the short-run business will continue to be retained.

3. The rapid growth of private enterprises

Private enterprises are completely market-oriented. They pay more attention to characteristic management. They take the opportunity of “people without me” to seize the market and guide the market; and cultivate the high-level market with “people have me” to stabilize and enhance the market position. Many new technologies were first put into practice by them, and the ingenuity of developing new technologies gave the short-run printing industry a new vitality. Because everything depends on oneself and the decision is all on itself, this group is full of passion for miracles. In fact, while shaping themselves, they are also creating a new template for the short-run printing industry. Such as Wuxi Changjiang Sample Printing Co., Ltd., Yanji Changbai Printing Factory.

4. Traditional printing companies improve service by short-run printing

Traditional printing companies face more brutal competition. Any factors that may make customers feel inconvenient may cause a fatal blow to the printing house, so no one dares to push customers out, especially big customers. In order to meet the short-run printing requirements attached to long-term customers, many traditional printing companies have also added short-run printing services to enhance their service image and stabilize customer resources with short-run printing. Some companies have turned short-run printing as a new growth point and began to expand the short-run printing market.

Guangdong Xinhua Printing Factory is a large-scale publishing and printing enterprise with a large-scale imported offset printing machine, mainly printing textbooks with a small amount of social printing. According to Deputy Director Wang Yuchang, it is their original intention to supplement the capacity defects of large offset presses. Therefore, the introduction of small offset presses naturally chose the RYOBI 684 offset press that can match the inherent equipment. As a result, they have attracted a large number of colorful promotional materials in the society, which has made them interested in the short-run color printing that has been dismissed in the past and is expanding this market.

Economic development has driven the prosperity of the short-run printing market. At the same time, the growth and technological advancement of the short-run printing industry has also improved the economic environment and improved the efficiency and flexibility of economic activities. China's economy is at a stage of rapid development, and the imbalance in development has created a multi-faceted and technical level of short-run printing demand. This difference is where the market potential lies. China's strong economic development momentum will surely bring further prosperity and ordering of the short-run printing industry.

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