Stimulate more than one kind of bungee way to challenge the limit [Picture]

Bungee Jumping is a very exciting new outdoor leisure activity that has recently emerged. The hopper stands on a bridge, tower top, high building, crane, or even a hot air balloon at a height of about 40 meters (equivalent to 10 floors). A long rubber band fixed at one end is tied to the ankle joint and then the two arms extend. Open, legs close together, jump head down. The rubber band tied to the hopper's crotch is long enough to allow the hopper to enjoy "free fall" in the air for a few seconds. When the human body falls to a certain distance from the ground, the rubber rope is pulled open and tightened to prevent the human body from continuing to fall. When the lowest point is reached, the rubber pops up again, the person is pulled up, and then falls again, so repeatedly until the rubber The elasticity of the rope disappears. This is the whole process of the bungee jumping.

Bungee makes you experience magical moments in an instant, panic, madness, shouting, screaming, cheering and relaxing. It is a brave movement. It needs to overcome itself before it can face everything. Bungee can not only completely feel the pleasure of free fall, but also enjoy the joy of rebound weightlessness. There are many forms of bungee jumping.

Tied back waist

The waist tying station jumps on the platform in a leap-forward manner, which is the first basic action for a bounce beginner.

Waist-up front

The method of tying his waist to the front of the platform jumped. This is another attempt to jump from the beginner's first basic move. This kind of jump method is similar to tying waist and jump, but the jumper is face down and can really feel the visual stimulation.

Tying feet high diving style

One of the coolest jump methods is to tie the equipment to the kidnappers. The jumpers are standing on the platform and facing downwards. Like the diving players, the jumpers start their arms after countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Dive is very exciting.

Tied feet back flip

One of the most difficult ones in bouncing. The equipment is tied to the ankle. The bouncing person stands on the platform and backs up. After the bouncing person counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, he expands his arms and turns it backwards.


Being hailed as the closest feeling to death, the bouncing person strapped the equipment on his back, and after the countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 both hands reported that the chest and feet were splayed down.

Double jump

When the two rebounded in the air, the bouncer roped the two tightly together and asked one of them to have a bounce experience in order to adopt this sweet and thrilling bungee form.

Classification by location can be roughly divided into three types:

Bridge bungee jumping: a platform on the bridge, or a platform on the precipice;

Tower-style bungee jumping: build a leaning tower on the square, and then put a platform on the tower;

Rocket Blast: Raise people up like a rocket and then leap up and down.

According to the operating method there are also three types of separability:

Tied waist - the first step in the bounce.

Tied back - would you like to try to fall after the elevator breaks?

Tied feet - experience the thrill of the Olympic diving players dive.

According to the bungee jumping skills and the number can be divided into: Freestyle - can touch the water, before the roll, roll back, single jump, double jump and so on, each game will let you have different feelings.


In the middle of May 1997, the first bungee jumping platform was built on the cliff of Qidu Kirin Mountain in Shidu scenic area of ​​Fangshan. The height of the water is 48 meters above sea level and the cost is 150 yuan per person. In late April of 1998, another 55-meter-high platform was built next to it, costing 180 yuan per person. The beautiful Kirin Mountain is surrounded by mountains and waters and is magnificent. The bungee jumping sports center is built on a hillside cliff. The camera and camera services that are perfectly matched with the bungee will capture your fabulous and unforgettable hop. When you stand on a high platform, you can see the mountains rising; near you can see the streams and the scenery of Shidu.

Ye Sanpo Bungee Jumping

Yesanpo Bungy Jumping Location: Located on the side of the entrance to the Baima Gorge on the Juma River, it is 1,200 meters away from the station farmer's home. Yesanpo Bungee is located in the Yelipo Bairi Gorge area. It is 62 meters high and is the highest cliff-type bungee in China. Bungee jumping is a brave game, and Yoshiro Bunga is a game of bravery. Bungee can be used as a test of self, challenge nature, experience free fall, and pursue a choice of high-intensity stimuli.

Longqing Gap

Longqing Gap is bungee jumping, 48 meters high. It is built on the cliff of Jin Gangsi and designed by the Design Institute of National Defense Science and Technology Commission. The main equipments are all equipped with American ADA system equipment. The technical performance is good and the safety factor is high. It is a set of safety and entertainment. Sexual and irritating sports.

Yanqi Lake Bungee Jumping

Yanji Lake has four seasons scenery and thousands of scenery. Yangchun, Yandang Crane Dance, Bird contend, Wanhuatuyan, full of vitality; Midsummer, lakes and mountains, verdant, hit the water roaming, elegant and intoxicating; autumn, fresh air, flowers and fragrance; winter, silver world. In late September 1998, a “Rocket Bungee Tower” was built on the banks of the Yanqi Lake in Huairou. The height of the bounce is 50 meters. People buckled in their seats and blew up into the sky with two big shins. It was also quite interesting. But there is no fun to jump down. The biggest difference is that the former is passive, the latter depends on your own.

Qinglong Gap

In June 1998, the tallest bungee jump tower in the Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area in Huairou was built, with a height of 68 meters and a reinforced concrete structure. It is constructed in conjunction with a rock climbing rock wall. The outstretched outriggers are installed on the concrete platform as a platform. Its drop height is about 50 meters. The fee per person is 150 yuan. The bungee is 7 meters taller than the Shishan Ferry in Fangshan. It is the highest bounce jump in the country.

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