Netizens summarize the first quarter of outdoor knowledge: What is outdoor sports?

Early outdoor sports were actually a means of survival. Herbicides, hunting, and warfare activities were all activities that humans were forced to carry out in order to survive or develop. During World War II, British special forces began to use natural barriers and rope nets for obstacle training. Their purpose was to improve field combat capabilities and teamwork capabilities. This was the first time that humans systematically applied outdoor activities to practical use. Many shipwrecks occurred in World War II. Later, after statistics, it was found that the age group of people who could escape in a shipwreck was between 28 and 38. Most experts found that most of the people in this age group were psychologically mature and varied. Life experience, a good team spirit, and it is precisely these factors can help them escape.

After the Second World War, with the far away of the war and the economic development, outdoor activities began to move out of the military and survival areas, becoming a new way of life for human recreation, leisure and improvement of the quality of life.

After the first cross-country adventure challenge held in New Zealand in 1989, various forms of outdoor activities and competitions were carried out in the world in full swing. There are numerous large-scale challenge competitions in Europe each year. In the United States, the number of participants and output of outdoor sports ranks third in all sports.

The concept of outdoor sports: Outdoor activities refer to the sports activities that are based on the natural environment and have the nature of adventure or the nature of adventure.

The basic characteristics of outdoor activities:
1. Taking the natural environment as a sports venue, returning to nature, returning to nature;
2. There are no outdoor activities in the field with varying degrees of challenging and exploratory nature;
3, outdoor activities especially emphasize teamwork;
4. Outdoor activities require a comprehensive body and will;
5. Outdoor sports is a comprehensive discipline.

Outdoor sports distribution:
First, the air project: gliding (with power, no power), hot air balloon, skydiving, etc.;
Second, water projects: drifting, tying, crossing and so on;
3. Onshore projects: jungle crossing, mountaineering, rock climbing, river tracing, camping, cave exploration, etc.;
Fourth, comprehensive projects: field survival, field expansion, adventure challenge and so on.

Note: The above is summed up for the old donkey, here is Baidu Wikipedia interpretation of outdoor sports.

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