Automatic manual flat die cutting machine

If an automatic paper feeding system and cardboard stacking automatic conveying system are added to a manual flat die cutting machine, this device will have greater innovative production capacity. The die-cutting machine is made in Taiwan and is now being sold in Europe by Clarity Packaging Systems of the United Kingdom. The automatic paper feeding system equipped on this machine adopts the hopper type or flow type principle design and can be connected with the cardboard stacking and conveying system, and it is just facing the manual flat die cutting part. Both the paper feeding system and the conveying system are mounted on a solid steel structure and can be separated from the flat die cut portion by the movable wheel to complete the setting and the conventional operation of the machine. In the automatic mode, the machine's maximum production rate per hour is 2,500 sheets. The paper feeding system and the conveying system can also be integrated with a non-stopping stacking system to further increase the output.

“The quality of this machine is very high,” said Mr. Colin Barley of Clarity Packaging Systems. “All major castings are imported from the United States, and the control system was designed with the help of Japanese companies. Carton customers can It is very easy to get all the machine parts from the European market, and the company can provide a variety of parts replacement, first-level failure-solving systems, as well as machine maintenance and training services."

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