Multi-level gray comprehensive evaluation model of green packaging design (I)

Abstract: Green packaging is the main way to effectively solve the relationship between packaging and the environment. Quantitative evaluation of green packaging design scheme is an important issue. The multi-level gray comprehensive evaluation method considers the influence of all evaluation factors and can retain all the information in the evaluation process at each level. In order to scientifically evaluate the pros and cons of the green packaging design program, it is based on its evaluation index system. A multi-level gray comprehensive evaluation model was used to give an objective evaluation.

Keywords: green packaging; multi-level; grey evaluation

The green packaging design stems from people's reflection on the environmental and ecological damage caused by modern science and technology culture. At present, most of the packaging is a one-time consumption, short life cycle, large amount of waste emissions, a large number of packaging waste caused by increasingly serious environmental pollution. Under the tide of increasing environmental protection, ordinary packaging can no longer meet the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, as a new concept for effectively solving the relationship between packaging and the environment, “green packaging” emerged in the early 1990s. At present, the evaluation of green packaging design solutions is an important issue that must be addressed urgently by packaging designers and business decision makers. In order to evaluate the pros and cons of the green packaging design scheme in a comprehensive, holistic, objective and scientific way, a multi-level gray comprehensive evaluation model for evaluating the green packaging design scheme is proposed.

1 Green Packaging Design Evaluation Index System
The green packaging design must comply with the “3R1D principle, which is to reduce the consumption of packaging materials (Reducing), refilling of packaging containers (Reuse), recycle recycling of packaging materials (Recycle), and packaging materials to be degradable (Degradable). It should also meet the characteristics of using function, aesthetic function, energy saving, good economy, and non-toxic and harmless to human body and biology. The following evaluation index system is given. See Table 1.

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