Kodak Launches New Workflow Solution for Packaging Printers

Kodak will present new workflow software and upgrades for packaging at the FF-TA Annual Conference and INFO*FLEX Expo: KODAK PRINERGY Powerful Packaging Workflow System, tailored for packaging printers to help users Improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve print quality, and handle the most complex packaging tasks.

The FFTA Annual Conference and INFO*FLEX Exhibition took place from April 30th to May 3rd in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. This was the annual event of the flexo printing industry and brought together buyers and sellers in different fields of the flexo printing industry. Scholars, students and flexo professionals.

“Prinergy Power Packing Workflow System is specially designed for the special requirements of packaging printers.” said Vic Stalam, General Manager of Kodak's Pre-press Consumables Flexo Plate and Thermal Proofing Media Division Packaging Division. “Now packaging printers, Processors and platemaking centers face many challenges, such as tight deadlines and complex packaging designs. The Prinergy Power Packing Workflow System can help users meet these challenges and exceed their expectations.”

The Prinergy Power Pack workflow system adds three new features: two new ADOBE ACROBAT plug-ins that automatically perform correction processing, and “rules-based automation” that allows users to automatically drive every action in the workflow event.

"PDF Compare" and "PDF Merge"

The PDF comparison and PDF merge software received the PIA/GATF In-terTech Technology Award as early as 2005 for the ability to manage revisions in the prepress process automatically, reliably, and efficiently. PDF comparison software is a high-quality control tool that analyzes two PDF files and identifies the differences between them. The PDF merge software is a prepress production tool that allows the operator to extract all the elements (trap, screening, overprint settings, etc.) from the previous plate and add these elements to the modified production file.

"Rule-Based Automation"

With the new "Rule-Based Automation" feature, Prinergy Power Packing Workflow System can significantly increase the ability and scope of process automation. The operator can automate the drive through the rules and perform the processing intelligently at the job level, customer level, or system level. The rules can stimulate all the functions of Prinergy Power Packing Workflow Management System, and can customize the program language through the integrated VB.NET engine to realize the interaction with other companies' databases and systems. This sophisticated and new set of automation capabilities will significantly reduce manual operations in the printer's prepress processing. The event-driven model for automation in Prinergy Powerpack's workflow system is unique, allowing printers to flexibly create smart rules that respond positively to customer modifications and requirements.

Kodak's director of global business development concluded that counterfeit products and the gray market consume billions of dollars each year in the world.

Kevin Harrell will conduct an in-depth analysis of this growing illegality and introduce new technologies for brand stealing and counterfeit products.

Source: China Packaging News

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