Deco Movable DKM-B 20D Blow Molding Machine

normal> January 10, 2006, China Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dekuma Technology Conference and Exhibition International Hotel symposium held in Dongguan. Some of the company's customer representatives attended the meeting.

Normal > At the meeting, Mr. ROESING , Senior Technical Advisor of the company in Germany , introduced the features and technical advantages of the company's new models in detail. Subsequently, the participants came to the company to watch the live demonstration of the new model DKM-B 20D blow molding machine.

Normal >    DKM-B20D molding machine can be applied to the production of two-cavity 5L products and 10L large-capacity products, but also the application of multi-cavity small-capacity products, has a wider range of applications to meet the different needs of customers. The equipment has the following characteristics:

Normal > 1.          The DKM-B20D blow molding machine adopts REXROTH linear guide rails for mold shifting and mold clamping, which makes the mold shifting and mold clamping action smooth and smooth to meet the needs of high speed and high output. The entire clamping mechanism forms a closed force system, which is favorable for clamping force. The uniform distribution, thereby improving the quality of the product; the use of advanced guide rail technology, make the machine run more smoothly, longer service life;

Normal > 2.          The lift of the blank head adopts a hydraulic cylinder and is controlled by a servo valve, so that the extrusion head is lifted quickly and smoothly;

Normal > 3.          Using B&R controllers to realize full automatic production, including automatic cutting of the flash, ensuring that one person can easily look after multiple machines, and the various machine operating parameters are displayed in both Chinese and English languages, and can be set, stored, and changed in advance. And testing;

Normal > 4.          High plasticizing capacity, using specially designed slotted forced feed extruder, making the extruding material more stable, plasticization more uniform, and the plasticizing ability is 30% higher than the ordinary extruder ;

Normal > 5.          Smooth running, rapid action, equipped with Germany Rexroth variable pump and accumulator, the hydraulic system is always maintained at 160Bar or more hydraulic pressure during operation;

Normal > 6.          It is superior in saving raw materials and reducing consumption. Due to the 100- point parison axial wall thickness control system, the wall thickness can be reduced and the raw materials can be saved under the premise of ensuring the bottle strength.

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