The role of drying in printing

After the prints are printed, they need to be air-dried. Now they are usually placed on a louver type drying rack to dry, occupying less space and keeping safe. The easiest way is to hang the paintings with two wires in the room, but avoid the wind to prevent the prints from sticking.

In short, the materials and tools used to make silkscreen prints are a system that is inextricably linked. Specific settings should be based on personal circumstances, make every effort to reduce costs and reduce space. When conditions allow, equipped with pneumatic stretching machine, vacuum Plate Printing machine, high-pressure washing water gun, suction printing pad and other special equipment, will be more conducive to improve the printing quality of screen printing.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

originally set up for research and development the all Non-Alcoholic Fountain Solution. In order to fill in the printing field of environmental printing. research and development the all non-alcoholic Fountain Solution,it is a good solution to he traditional difficult to overcome the problem of energy saving ,environmental protection ,safety and soon. Improve efficiency for corporate printing,cost saving.

Printing Auxiliary Material

Off Spray,Printing Auxiliary Material,Anti Set Off Powder,Oxy Dry Powder

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