Phthalocyanine dye intermediate printing process description

(1) The phthalocyanine intermediate paste is unstable and should be kept at a low temperature. The colorant cannot be formulated with a metal container, otherwise it affects the complexation of the intermediate IF3G.

(2) The phthalocyanine co-solvent aids in the dissolution and the complexing medium, and also helps the dye penetrate into the interior of the fiber. Therefore, its amount is related to the amount of dye, but also related to the organization specifications of the fabric, compact fabric should be more.

(3) The raw paste is preferably a starch-long glue paste with a ratio of 1:1. Sodium alginate paste can also be used while adding triethanolamine. When the brilliant blue is full of earth, the color paste should be thin, and the driving should be fast, otherwise it is easy to expose the ground.

(4) The cloth used in the semi-finished merchandise for printed grey fabrics should be washed on the cloth. It is better to roll 10~15 ml/L acetic acid before printing to improve the uniformity.

(5) Drying Intermediate IF3G is initially condensed due to the low directness of IF3G intermediates to fabrics. In order to prevent uneven color, the first row of drying cylinders should be chartered to reduce the migration of the intermediate IF3G and improve the uniformity of the color.

(6) When fixing, if using cosolvent BSM, it is advisable to use the steaming method to fix the color. The printed fabric gives high color and bright shade. For example, when the cosolvent BSK is used, it is better to fix it by baking.

(7) Post-treatment pickling The purpose is to remove the hydrolyzed dye. When printing, most of them are treated with 50°Bé sulfuric acid and treated at 40-45ml/L and above 80°C. However, hydrochloric acid cannot be used. The highly toxic mustard gas generated from thiodiethanol in hydrochloric acid and cosolvent is harmful to the environment and human body. Must be soaked in hot water before soaping. Otherwise, soap will precipitate and affect the washing effect.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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