Home has baby floor covering attention details

When the babies of the babies leave the cradle, the floor becomes their favorite place first. Regardless of how luxurious seats mom and dad provide, the babies still like to sit, climb and lie on the floor. However, formaldehyde is often hidden in the floor, and the closer the baby is to the ground, the closer it is to formaldehyde.

According to the test, the formaldehyde content in the air layer within 1.5 meters from the ground accounts for more than 80% of the total formaldehyde in the room. At the same time, children are in the growth stage, the amount of breathing is 50% higher than that of adults, so the amount of air inhaled with formaldehyde is more than that of adults. At present, formaldehyde has become an important cause of childhood leukemia. Not long ago, the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association issued a warning on the indoor environment consumption of home decoration: the home decoration should be scientifically and reasonably selected for ground materials.

So, how to choose the ground material to make the space under the children's feet safer? The director of the organization, Song Guangsheng, said that the three major ground materials commonly used at present: solid wood flooring, wood-based panels, stone tiles, all have different levels of indoor environmental pollution problems, and the floor materials of wood-based panels cause indoor pollution of formaldehyde. More factors, if you prevent formaldehyde pollution should pay attention to the choice. Solid wood floor paints are volatile organic compounds and benzene pollution, and radioactive contamination of ceramic tile materials should also be noted. Some families are afraid of polluting all the tiles, but the winter in the north will feel that the room is cold, which will also bring safety hazards to the elderly and children.

Therefore, when choosing home decoration, we must choose the floor materials that meet the national standards for hazardous substances. If the room area is more than one hundred square meters, it is best not to choose a kind of floor material to prevent pollution caused by the superposition of harmful substances.

In addition, when decorating the floor of a children's room, there are some details to be noted: First, the floor material should have a warm touch, and it is easy to clean. It cannot have uneven patterns and seams, because any accidentally falls into these. Small things in the sunken seams can be a potential threat to your child. At the same time, these embossing patterns and gaps are also prone to tripping toddlers. Secondly, the floor material is too hard, although it is easy to clean, but it is very uncomfortable for children crawling everywhere. Therefore, the floor should be more flexible and the anti-slip performance should be better. Finally, do not lay out plastic flooring. Some foam products on the market, such as floor puzzles, will release a lot of volatile organic substances, which will affect the health of children.

Wooden And Metal Hangers

About Styles

This series of wooden and Metal Hangers newly developed by our designer team, which is an unprecedente. This new unity model is developing towards the direction of sizes, load-bearing capacity, space saving character and various shapes and more stylish structures. Recent years, this series hangers have become hugely popular around the world,especially in the fast fashion field, like Zara Home, H&M Home, etc.

About Materials

These creative wooden and metal hangers are made by eco-friendly natural wood and iron. Adding the decorative round wood rod elements to the different places on the different basic metal hangers is biggest highlight about the hangers. As to the wood parts, most customers would like to choose lotus as one the selling points. 

About Colors

There are two colors for reference, black and white. In general, combined no polishing natural wood with black or white powdered Iron Hanger is more acceptable by public. With harmonious collocation of white/black  and shallow wooden-grain, it is of classics and fashion sense.

Wooden And Metal Hangers

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