Eight homemade blackhead masks are safe and effective

Homemade Black Mask Mask Homemade Yogurt Mask How to Make a Homemade Mask
As urban air pollution becomes more and more serious, dust and particles in the air slowly increase! Blackheads and acne are prone to occur in this environment! Faced with little blackheads on the nose, it is really painful. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the blackhead mask, which is convenient and affordable, and can eliminate the strawberry nose at once!
How to make a black mask:
1, homemade yogurt mask
This method should be the most convenient and affordable, just buy a bottle of more viscous yogurt, then hang the funnel-type filter paper for filtering the coffee in the mug, and the outer edge of the filter paper is turned over to the mug. Thereby forming a simple filtering device. Pour the yoghurt into the refrigerator for one night (preferably find something to cover or use plastic wrap to ensure no bacteria to enter), filter out most of the water, and use the mask the next morning! It takes only fifteen minutes to deeply cleanse the skin. If you insist on a week, the blackheads in the pores will slowly disappear!
2, cleansing oil N times cleaning
Girls with oily skin are a good fit for this method! According to the principle of oil-soluble oil, cleansing oil can absorb the oily dirt in the pores to the maximum extent! The correct procedure is: first clean the surface dirt with cleansing oil, then gently wipe it off with a facial tissue, and then use a second of the cleansing oil to clean the focus twice, gently massage with a circular stroke. Then use a tissue paper to wipe gently. If there is black substance on the facial tissue except oil, it proves that the cleaning is still not complete. Repeat it again until the facial tissue is not black, so that it can be emulsified by adding water. So if you stick to it, the blackheads will be cleaned up again and again!
3, raw egg inner membrane
The white film between the raw egg and the egg white is torn off as a nose stick to absorb the blackhead! Because the volatilization of moisture produces suction and removes dirt. If you want to speed up the process, you can also use a hair dryer to gently blow, to be peeled off after close to the skin, adhere to several times, will be effective.
4, mung bean powder plus egg white
Mung bean powder has a remarkable effect on exfoliating skin, and it can cool down and calm the skin! Thereby achieving the effect of reducing oil and reducing blackheads! However, if the mung bean powder is too large, it needs lubrication, and the egg white bears the job. When the two are mixed gently and gently rubbed, the viscosity and fat solubility of the egg white can also help the blackhead to soften out.
5, hot rice sticks out
Is this method more convenient? Mix the freshly cooked rice in the palm of your hand and gently roll it in the blackhead! Her principle is: use its heat to open the pores and use the stickyness of rice to suck out the blackheads! After about twenty minutes, you can see the blackheads coming out!
6, salt and milk
Salt can exfoliate very well, with milk to reduce friction and dissolve grease better! Be careful to start the action when the salt is half-dissolved, let the salt particles gradually become smaller in the massage, the action should be light, and the time should not be too long. It is enough within one minute. This combination is suitable for oily and combination skin.
7, sugar and honey
This method is suitable for dry skin! Because the texture of the sugar is harder and thicker, it needs honey to lubricate! Gently press the unmelted sugar and honey until the sugar is completely dissolved in the honey, then leave it for a few seconds to allow the pores to recover and then rinse off.
8, high temperature hot compress
The hot compress is to open the pores and push the blackheads out! At this time, the black head can be squeezed out by gently pressing the round head of the acne needle! But be sure to pay attention, if you still do not come out after three or four, it is proved that this blackhead is still in the growth stage, so don't squeeze it again to avoid hurting the dermis!
Eight homemade blackhead masks, cheap and safe!

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